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Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)


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33 minutes ago, parrapatheslapper said:

This is great but needs to be monthly. Not enough time at my age whereas in my younger days I was wanting a new super play and edge every week! 


But as it's not news based and only has a few reviews (which I'd be happy with if they were dropped) it's not a bad thing to catch up with.

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I just subscribed after reading the first four on PDF. I really like that it's a different sort of video game magazine. It isn't just loads of reviews and previews of games that you can find all over the net. A lot of thought goes into what they publish and it shows.


I actually emailed them pitching a feature so I've got my fingers crossed they like the idea.


Edit: they didn't like the idea. Oh, well. I'm super new at pitching my ideas to editors, I really need to work on it. I had read the last four issues and thought it would fit quite well but I was wrong, evidentially. Shows that perhaps I need to be reading or looking deeper, beyond the surface, to ascertain what a publication is looking for and is likely to greenlight.

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You can get 1, 3 and 4 from the website.  They have sold out of issue 2, which is annoying as I ordered it from them at the end of last year (along with issue 1) and they sent me a copy of MagPi instead.  So if anyone wants to sell issue 2 I have a post in the Wanted folder!

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