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Coolest looking ship in an old-skool shooter


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Bah the R9 is just a bath tub with a booster stuck on it.

Vic Viper would toast his ass.

Yeah man. As iconic as the R-9 is, it does look a bit like a big blue knob.

Vic Viper looks like a deadly bladed weapon.

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Most of these, tbh ;)

Treb is disqualified for direct linking :rolleyes: Bad guy ships aren't allowed either, 'cos they're teh suck, even though they look like they mean business.

Was Koitsu ever in anything else, other than Parodius?? He had the best power up, where clones of him would dive off the plane and walk around on the floor, bumping into things ;)

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I say the Vic Viper. Because it has the best weapons, and it's got that transformation sequence in ZOE2. DESTROY THE CORE!

About SEUCK: I had the Amiga version, and I made a brilliant Klingon Warbird from the huge drawing in The Official Star Trek Fact Files. All in less than 100 pixels, IIRC.

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My fave is this:


The little ship from Harrier Attack on the Amstrad CPC :(

I'll never forget the Christmas Eve I was getting my CPC and couldnt sleep, went downstairs to get a drink, find me dad 'testing' the amstrad - playing Harrier Attack of course, so we stayed up for ages playing games, was class :)

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