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Monthly Release Dates - November 2018


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Hitman 2 for sure. I might not get around to playing it right away but I really want to support IO as they’ve done such a good job of keeping that franchise alive this gen. 


Interest in Battlefield V seems low which means I’ll probably skip it, even though three months ago it would’ve been a definite. 


Definitely would’ve bought Wreckfest if it hadn’t slipped. 

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On 30/10/2018 at 17:40, U-1 said:

Also is Hellgate: London tied into the previous PC release of the same name? I was unfortunate enough to be a day one player of that buggy mess of a game.




I'm pretty sure it's actually a rerelease of that buggy mess of a game. I think I might have played it at the time myself, but it could have been a demo.


I'll be getting Tetris Effect I think. Diablo III for the Switch is one for the future though.


Is GRIP a Game Pass release? I'll probably check it out if it is.

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I've owned Hitman 1 since day one and not got around to playing it for shame

Back in the day I'd Silent Assassin the whole game, like I did with Blood Money. 


I'm pretty sure I didn't dream the dream scenario, that you can play all of Hitman "1" within Hitman "2", if you own the original game? 

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On 04/11/2018 at 10:25, teddymeow said:

Tetris Effect looks great but £35 is too rich for my blood especially as I don't have VR.


I don't think VR will add much to the game other than fuzzy graphics and discomfort. The focus is 100% on the pieces not all the 3D stuff flying around the playfield.

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So the Switch version of Moonlighter was finally released this month and I must say it was worth the wait for this specific port. While practically identical to the other available versions, this is a game that really benefits from being released on a portable platform. The pixel art, while beautiful on any screen size, really shines on the small Switch screen. It doesn’t seem to be too demanding on the innards of the console either, as I had plenty of juice left after a 4 hour session. 

While I can understand why some would bill this to be a rogue lite, I prefer to see it as a classic Zelda game with procedurally generated dungeons. It doesn’t have the frustration factor you find in most rogue likes/lites and the challenging bosses doesn’t strike me as unfair.


This is a game I’d recommend on any platform to fans of Zelda style dungeon crawlers and even rogue lites, but I’d specifically recommend the Switch version if you like playing while commuting or you’re on the bog.


Now it’s back to the game for me, I just need another run to see if I can unlock the next dungeon.

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Anyone looking forward to Toki?


I've been trying to get the tad original arcade board for a while...

I finished the Megadrive version earlier on in the year....(which led me to the arcade version)


Don't recall playing the original back in the day, I thought it looked familiar, but, I might be getting confused as I had played the md version!


There is a trailer on youtube...I kinda like what they've done with it....


I'm planning on using my Christmas cash for a switch.


As well as what's out there, I've been buying the hamster ports on Ps4 for a few years.

Both neo geo and arcade archives. I was immediately drawn into the switch for the Nintendo exclusives by hamster...vs super Mario bros and punch out for e.g.




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1 hour ago, Mrs Horribleman said:

Haha amazing. I loved it as a kid. Does it hold up?


The gameplay vids looks like it will :)


(Below, taken from Amazon - nice box set too @ 39.99)


THE RETURN OF THE WACKY MONKEY! Toki sets off on a new adventure!

The cult action/platform game originally released on arcade machines in 1989 is back with a super-simian new version

Featuring all-new hand-drawn graphics and re-orchestrated music!

Rediscover Toki 30 years on: Playing as Toki, explore lush environments invaded by foul creatures!

Rise to the legendary difficulty of the Golden Age of video games - "Insert coin"... Now you can enjoy the same challenging gameplay without breaking the piggy bank

Put your name at the top of the high score table! Rookie players can also enjoy the game with a new easier mode

A masterfully made remake: The game has been entirely redrawn by hand by Philippe Dessoly, illustrator of well-known manga cartoons, such as Captain Harlock and UFO Robot Grendizer, comics and video games

Content of the Collector's Edition:Toki Game for Nintendo Switch, Wooden arcade machine for Nintendo Switch, Exclusive prints by Phillipe Dessoly, Comic with an original storyline illustrated by Philippe Dessoly, and a Sticker sheet.



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