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Sleaziest film ever made

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18 minutes ago, Professor Puzzles said:

Absolutely! I'd put in an honourable mention for Hobo with a Shotgun too.

That is one sleazy fucking movie. But it's artifice. Street Trash is shot in mid 80's Bronx. You can't fake the level of depravity on every street corner. 

Fun fact, Writer/Director Jim Muro is one of the best steadicam operators in the world. Credits include Dances with Wolves, Terminator 2, Point Break, JFK, A Few Good Men, Casino, Heat, Titanic, L.A. Confidential

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1 hour ago, Windowlicker said:

Maniac (1980) is utterly repellent, sleazy and hateful. Sadly, it also has some superb effects courtesy of Tom Savini, shame his work is wasted on this film.


Maniac is so sweaty and disgusting. New York Ripper too 


NYC in the 70s and 80s holds so much fascination for me. It's like a theme park ride. The world's most modern metropolis but completely bankrupt and out of control. 

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The sleaziest film I've had the misfortune to see was something called Sewer Baby.


It's the story of a young couple who head to an out of the way whore house which also does a side line in illegal abortions. The abortion is performed, and the foetus flushed down the toilet, where it comes into contact with some radioactive material in the sewer, mutates, and crawls back up the U bend to terrorise the hookers and their clients.


Unsurprisingly, it's every bit as vile as it sounds.  

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8 hours ago, Timmo said:

Oh, I forgot Gummo, ugh.



Oh god yeah. Gummo is the Terry Richardson of movies. I need a shower even typing this. 

Years ago, Larry Clarke, the Director of Kids was in the UK to promote his new movie Ken Park. He was having dinner with the UK distributor Hamish McAlpine (of now defunct Metro Tartan) when they started talking about 9/11. Hamish mentioned something about American culpability and Larry Clarke, a proud white supremacist, swung for him. They had a punch up in the swish n swanky Charlotte street hotel that led to them both being arrested and the movie not getting a UK release


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Love it :lol:


Films that make you want to shower after viewings are the best, Men From Behind The Sun made me want to puke then take a shower, probably didn't help that I'd had a tab of acid beforehand.


Personal fave of mine is House on the Edge of The Park, there's something intrinsically sleazy about David Hess, add into the mix Giovanni Lombardo Radice and the director of Cannibal Holocaust at the helm of depraved proceedings and you've got a BIG fucking shower afterwards. 


Honorable mention goes out to the Ilsa Trilogy. Dianne Thorne:wub:

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