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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Brand New NEWBIE campaign?

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Thanks everyone for playing. We’ve had a good time, I think. A goblin cave, a manticore at a windmill, and a hidden bandit den. I’ve really enjoyed DMing on roll20.


I don’t think we’ve got the numbers in this thread to keep it going after a few people’s schedules have changed, so we’re going on hiatus for a while. 


If I decide to get something going off forum with randoms off discord or whatever, as well as you lot, I’ll let you know.


In the meantime, if any interested new players find this thread, feel free to step forward, as I’m always happy to DM if we have a rllmuk group that needs one. Just light the bat signal and I’ll be there. 

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Just to say if anyone is considering it in the future, GrahamS is great as a DM. He's really engaging and enthusiastic, which really helps when you're new and it's all a little bit weird. Because let's be honest, it kind of is weird when you start playing and you don't really know what you're doing or how to act, or even what the other people are going to be like in the party. I don't know how the rest of the group felt to start with, but I'm fairly quiet and somewhat shy so was kind of nervous (which is ridiculous at my age) but it was blast.


Big thank you to the rest of the party for playing too, you're all great and I really enjoyed our sessions. I still wish I was as cool as Clip palming a dagger and shanking that goblin in the cave though..






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Agree with the above 100%. I'm one of the ones who had to drop unfortunately due to my work schedule changing but it was fantastic fun. If you think you might fancy it at all then put your name forward. You've got nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain.

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For posterity, in case we are able to continue and need a reminder and in the hope of attracting new sign ups, here are the write ups of our sessions so far. I hope Graham will forgive me for any fantasy name butchery.


Session 1 



After a round of introductions and some scene-setting from our enthusiastic Dungeon Master we found ourselves, a ragtag band, on the road to the mining town of Phandalin. We had been hired by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker to guard and deliver a wagon of mining supplies. Gundren had gone on ahead to the town with his escort, Sildar Hallwinter. A few miles outside of Phandalin, we came across two dead horses which had collapsed on the road, having been shot full of arrows. The group moved to inspect the scene and were taken unawares by a goblin ambush. The fledgling adventurers dispatched the goblins and followed their trail to a cave. Bryllewynn, the party's cleric, convinced the companions to enter and search for Gundren, his cousin and our employer.


After dispatching some chained-up wolves near the entrance, the party stumbled into a goblin sentry who managed to call out before we could silence him. The heroes began to advance, weapons at the ready but were caught by a wall of water which came crashing through the tunnel, giving the party a good soaking and carrying Clip, the rogue, and Riardon, a high-elf wizard, all the way to the entrance. Steeling their resolve, the party advanced deeper into the tunnel, on the lookout for similar traps. The party came to a cavern crawling with goblins under the command of a mighty bugbear, Klarg. The warrior, Galen, bravely charged the foe and was savaged by a huge wolf and smashed to the floor by the bugbear's club. Seeing their new friend fall, the party rushed to his aid and, just as it looked like it would be a short adventure for our baby heroes, Jemin Grassbreaker, the stoic monk, dispatched the bugbear and his wolf companion with a flurry of blows. Victory held a bitter taste for the band, as Galen had given up the ghost during the battle.


Session 2



We began where we left off last episode, having just brought down Klarg. We managed to nab a couple of goblins trying to escape and interrogated one. He thinks that Gundren will be taken to the Black Spider at [forgot to note name of location] c.25 miles northeast. He gave some notverygood directions but did point out some good spots for pooing along the way. He told us that they have two humans captive deeper into the cave.


While Bryllewynn ministered to the mortal remains of our fallen comrade, Clip attempted some ghost recon but was immediately spotted at the chamber entrance (I don't think I've rolled above a 10 on stealth yet, I have +7!). Sildar and another man were being held at sword-point by a goblin chief and his minions. Caught with his pants down, Clip was quickly wounded. Jemin revived the rogue and dived at the chieftain, landing a heavy blow. The underlings were felled by a well placed Sleep spell from Riardon and Clip took his revenge on two of the snoozing goblins. The chieftain was ready to talk and said he would release the captives if we killed Klarg, thereby allowing him to take over the cave. A partially gagged Sildar called for us not to trust him. We negotiated that the tough-looking ranger would be needed to take out Klarg and, under the pretence of approaching to cut him loose, Clip killed the chieftain with a palmed dagger.


We rescued Sildar and the ranger, whose name is Bodhi (Gord). Sildar is a member of the Lords' Alliance and was sent to investigate the disappearance of another member of the Alliance; the wizard, Yarno Albreck [I may have this bit muddled]. We escorted Sildar to an inn at Phandalin and he promised to pay us 50gp. We returned some crates we found in the cave to the town shop for another 50gp. We delivered Gundren's wagon to Barthen's Provisions and received 50gp. Barthen was distraught to hear of Gundren's abduction and begged us to find him. He had never heard of the Black Spider. We heard a few tales of a group of bandits terrorising the town. We retired to the inn to rest and Bryllewynn decided to stay there the next day. The innkeeper's wife told us that the local woodworker had attempted to stand up to the bandits not tenday(fantasy yeah!) ago and had been brutally murdered. His wife and child(ren) have disappeared. Clip may have been seen to send and receive a secret message.


In the morning we chased down leads on Gundren and asked about the bandits. We were directed to Sister Garaele, a priestess of the Goddess of Luck, but she was not at home and apparently often disappears on mysterious business. We met a retired adventurer named Darren Edermath, formerly of the Order of the Gauntlet. Edermath told us more about the Redbrand bandits: they frequent the Sleeping Giant taphouse, their base is underneath the (seemingly) abandoned manor outside town and there is a secret tunnel. Edermath will help us if we choose to face them. The group knows Clip has some bad blood with the bandits and they would attack him on sight (Clip is in disguise).


The group came across a notice board outside the town hall. The board warned of a dragon terrorising the countryside and an imminent attack on the town. Notices offered rewards for anyone who: (a) visited the technologically advanced gnomes at Gnomengard to the southeast and returned with any device to help drive off the dragon; or (b) visited the hermit, Adabra Gl(w?)ynn in her windmill outside the town and escorted her to the safety of the town. We attempted to speak with the mayor but he is terrified of the dragon and refuses to leave until he sees proof of its demise. The mayor is of the opinion that the bandits are a noble mercenary company and are a credit to the town. Is the mayor being intimidated or is he under the effect of a mind-altering spell?


Going for the easy money, we set off to the windmill to collect the hermit. As we approached we saw a large flying beast attempting to break inside. The hermit in distress called to us from the top of the tower and the beast roared that it was starving (it could speak). Jemin and Clip dashed for the windmill while Riardon and Bodhi chucked spells and arrows from afar. While Jemin distracted and confused the beast with his impressive cardio, Clip picked the lock and entered the windmill, racing to the upper floor. Bodhi and Riardon kept up their barrage of attacks which began to take its toll(the dead) on the monster. Clip found a delicious ham and chucked it out the window to entice the creature away while Riardon conjured the illusion of a massive bugbear to intimidate it. The beast launched itself at the ham and Bodhi engaged the monster in melee, prepared to sell his life dearly and landing a telling blow. Jemin, unable to bear the thought of losing a second companion in as many days, charged to Bodhi's aid and dispatched it with the old monk favourite, the five point palm exploding tail technique.


Session 3



This episode opens to our heroes standing over heroes standing over the fresh corpse of the half-starved manticore. The hermit, Adabra, rushed out to smooth the beast's fur and close the eyes on its too-human face. She thanked us for coming to her aid and offered two potions of healing. The group relayed the townmaster's plea
for her safety but she refused and sent us back to town with a letter for the townmaster. We met a wandering cleric, named Cerwyn, with a grudge against the Redbrands. Bodhi displayed his impressive butchery skills and we set off back to town, manticore head in hand to collect our reward and take on some Redbrand thugs. Along the way, Bodhi appeared to blink out of existence, leaving the group baffled. 


We called at the townmaster's house and, still disbelieving his claims of a dragon in the area, tossed the manticore head at his feet and attempted to convince him that this was the beast he had seen in the sky. The townmaster was adamant that he had seen a white dragon circling the town and refused to pay out for killing the manticore. A little arm-twisting netted us an extra 5 gold in addition to the 25 for visiting Adabra. Muttering about the stingy reward, the group set off to the Redbrand's favourite watering hole to deal with the thugs. Upon entering, our heroes found themselves in a stand-off with a group of armed Redbrands. Clip cast off his disguise and attacked, shocking the bandits who had believed him dead at their hands. Hungry for revenge, he wounded the leader but was overcome by numbers and knocked to the floor. Riardon and Cerwyn struck back hard with blasts of arcane and divine power, burning their foes where they stood. The surviving bandit made a run for it towards the manor. Clip was revived by a mysterious stranger (Dion) who had joined the fray on the side of our heroes. Cerwyn managed to  rugby tackle the escaping bandit and the group caught up for some interrogation.  The thug was forced the lead us to the secret tunnel entrance to the Redbrand hideout (classic secret bandit tunnel... absolutely classic :lol:). 


Upon entering the tunnel, Clip was beset by a whispering voice in his head, which demanded a tribute of flesh. The party questioned his sanity until they caught a glimpse of a ghastly one-eyed monster lurking in a crevasse. Clip executed the bandit and threw the corpse to the beast in exchange for safe passage for the party. The fiend was not to be trusted, and failed to mention the trapped bridge which collapsed under the armoured weight of Cerwyn, who saved himself with a mighty leap to the far side of the chasm.


Upon crossing the cavern the party happened upon a store room containing a large cistern. Careful inspection by Dion revealed a bag containing money, clothes, a healing potion and a rare potion of invisibility. Was someone planning a quick getaway? Attempting to leave the store room, the group stumbled into a bandit dormitory and were forced to fight for their lives. The bandits were quickly toll'd off for their misbehaviour and we had a quick nap in their still-warm beds before rifling through their purses and donning their distinctive cloaks.


We came to a suspicious looking hallway and successfully avoided a pit trap before opening an ominous door into a family crypt, complete with spooky skeletons. Riardon's keen arcane eye determined that they were not resting peacefully and had been animated by dark magic! The clerics led the way while Clip and Riardon cowered in the doorway and, through some experimentation and a spot of skeleton-herding, determined that they would not attack anyone they perceived to be a member of the Redbrand gang. Following the sound of prisoners being taunted, the group surprised two jailors guarding a woman and two children... surely the family of the murdered carpenter we had been asked to find? Cerwyn made a brave stand in the doorway, shielding the dainty wizard and rogue from harm and our heroes easily dispatched the villains. 


Will Bodhi's mysterious disappearance be explained? Will Clip ever be paid adequately for risking his life? Will Toll the Dead ever hit? Find out next time...


To be continued...*


*hopefully... please join us! Graham is a brilliant DM and is great at holding our hand and guiding us as new players to keep the adventure moving. He doesn't even make us do funny voices (but does plenty himself!). Nobody is expected to roleplay beyond their comfort zone, I was worried this bit would be really awkward as none of us had prior experience but interacting with NPCs and each other has been great fun :D. Graham recognises when we've hit an RP wall and moves things along naturally so we don't get bogged down.


Hope to play with you all again.


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