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14 hours ago, BeeJay said:

Incase some have missed it, the epic sale has started.


On top of some great prices and free games, they are doing a £10 voucher deal with a twist. You get a £10 up front to spend on anything. If you buy something £13.99 or over, you get another £10 voucher with the same set up.


This means that you can potentially stack continuous discounts on games just over the £13.99 bar.


So, for example, all of these would chain:


Manifold garden £4.39

Subnautica below zero £5.49

Wattam £5.99

Arise: a simple story £5.90


Plus a load more. You can then use the final voucher on something below £13.99 to end the chain.


I've only done manifold garden so far, as that is something that I have been after for a while. Unfortunately, superliminal and griftlands are just under the £13.99 so won't stack but I will probably end my stack with griftlands.




I've started a brand new pile of shame thanks to this post :)

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On 19/12/2019 at 21:50, Gabe said:

Shame that their library is so small though, from my quick glance I think only Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold edition at £20 appeals - though as that'll be my first ever Epic purchase I suppose they've done what they set out to do and entice new customers. 


Yep, I went for AC: Odyssey for £9.99...


On 19/12/2019 at 22:17, Wiper said:

Wattam (the latest game from the designer of Katamari Damacy) for £5.99 is an absolute steal. As is Into the Breach for £0, as it's today's freebie. 


I also picked up Anno 1800 for £19.49, and am sorely tempted to grab a few more things. Even though my PC is currently dead, and presumably will be until the new year. 


...and Wattam for £5.99!


Anno 1800 is amazing.  It's got the nicest start to an Anno game, really useful and fun tutorial section that leads you in.  Looks beautiful as well.  

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Remedy and Microsoft both stated that Control was not coming to Game Pass. Not at this current time anyway.


Anyway, Control and Dangerous Driving are both of interest in this sale. I’ll either get those two or go elsewhere for Escape from Tarkov. Not the most ‘Christmas’ of choices but all three are of interest. Depends if Tarkov gets a decent discount. If not then Epic can have my money.

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7 hours ago, James Lyon said:


Is there a list of what's next somewhere?


No, just a picture that is meant to represent the next game - this is the next one that has some people saying it's either Torchlight or The Flame in the Flood - 



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21 hours ago, vezna said:

Remedy and Microsoft both stated that Control was not coming to Game Pass. Not at this current time anyway.


Phil Spencer said in an interview recently that it was - I think them denying it is just to try and reduce the impact that “announcement” will have on game sales. It’s possible that Phil was just mistaken but with the DLC coming next year it would make sense for it to appear on Game Pass. 

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