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Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

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1 hour ago, The Mighty Ash said:

On switch as well! I like the 21 savage track.

We could have a big and fun discussion about whether it's good or not, but even if you do like that track surely such a sloooooow, laid back, relaxed, we be sleeping here type of track is not suitable for a Mortal Kombat trailer? Mortal Kombat should have something energetic, something hard, something get you HYPE. Not something that puts you to sleep.


I'm too tired for this fataaality

No Kombat cuz I'm sleeeepy me

No kungfu, no kicking in the head

21 savage so tired ima going to bed

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7 minutes ago, mansizerooster said:

I absolutely bloody loved the last MK. I'm not sure what this one is doing that the last one isn't, though 

Well, if the rumours are correct, it has an entire Shaolin Monks style mode, so let's hope that's true.

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4 minutes ago, Vemsie said:

The leaker got Punished Raiden right, so here's hoping. Roll on January.

I just don't have the time nor drive to play versus fighters anymore but if the Shaolin Monks mode is substantial and an entire Shaolin Monks game worth of content, I'll buy it just for that.

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21 minutes ago, ilpostino said:

6:30 BST, which is 7:30 for you - you're Netherlands right?

Why yes I am! Not to be mistaken for the Netherrealms of course, ha-ha.


I'll be honest, even though I'm excited to see what the actual gameplay looks like I've sort of fallen off the MK bandwagon as ever since this video I just can't look past the poor animation work (basically everyone looks like they're about to take a shit and there's no consistency, even in something as simple as an idle animation). I still enjoy reading about the series or watching others play it on twitch and tourneys but unless they've seriously improved that aspect I doubt I'll ever return to MK. 

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Lots of rumours going around that dial-a-combo has been binned off in favour of a frame link system that Street Fighter uses.


I'm happy either way as I really like MKX AND Street Fighter which is a big no-no in internet land


Excited for the reveal. Crazy that MK is so big now it gets it's own reveal event. You've got to hand it to Ed Boon for his handling of the franchise, as opposed to Ono who seemingly doubled down on his annoying troll antics until Capcom shut him up.



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Had a wee look at this on Facebook as it was on my feed (with sound down may I add!) and it looks really good. Having came to this gen late "X" is still new(ish) to me and this looks like more of the same with added gloss. I will no doubt wait till the edition with all the gubbins which will inevitably be added, as I'm not a fan of paying over the odds for extra characters etc. 

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I was hoping that the wealth of customisation options for characters would serve as the main source of income so that characters and gameplay updates can be free. Maybe Mortal Kombat is popular enough to take the Overwatch approach to DLC?


Fighting games making you pay for characters is stupid.

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5 hours ago, VN1X said:

Not to be mistaken for the Netherrealms of course

I thought everyone knew Scorpion is from the Netherlands! "KOM OVER HIER!" is what he actually says if you listen carefully.



Anyway, like @Down by Law I'm one of those weirdos who always liked both Street FIghter and Mortal Kombat. But it was always clear to me that SF was the connoisseur's choice, its gameplay was leagues ahead of MK - but MK was just so goddamn fun in a stupid but hilariously entertaining 80s action flick kinda way. But now we've reached the point that SF has flushed itself down a profound sadness toilet, and MK is looking pretty good I must admit.

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