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Atlas (MMO from the creators of ARK)


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On 14/01/2019 at 14:24, Strategos said:

There are lawless islands where you can build quite easily. The claims degrade so one of your company has to log in ever four days to keep it fresh otherwise you will lose what you've built.



I don't think your building automatically disappear at the end of the four days. I think it's just that other players will then be given the option to demolish them.


On 14/01/2019 at 15:23, Flub said:

The need to hit trees and punch rocks I can understand given this was probably Ark dlc at some point. But it kills you? The basics also hurt you? Wait what?


Not immediately, but you take damage from punching them. It's not drastic though. You punch them enough to get a few units of wood, pick up a rock from the ground and then craft a pickaxe. You'll only lose a few percent HP, and then you'll never have to punch a tree again.


I've been playing it with Strategos and agree with pretty much all he said. It's like they based it on a super early build of ARK, rather than a polished and stable one. Like the animations are a bit shonky, you get giraffes walking into your house and getting stuck with their legs glitching through the walls. But then they've also added good stuff like a window to pick up a placed object if it's snapped to the wrong place, rather than having to demolish it and craft it again.


And yet, I find myself super keen to log back in all the time. The sea aspect could end up as something awesome. Captain at the wheel, a sailor on the sails, sailors below decks on the cannons. Taking shelter from storms below deck. Spotting land and going to explore and maybe build.


But yeah, it's Early Access and it shows. But I like it...

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At it again. I have to admit I like the idea of a game raining whales. GMs should have leeway to do random shit like this themselves (Logged obviously so they don't abuse)




It’s raining whales! What the heck, it’s now raining whales?! Hoist sails! That’s the ancient sea shanty players of Atlas were learning to sing when another round of hacking struck the game amidships not long after it had already been forced to roll servers back in the wake of a compromised admin account. And yes, among the hacking mess caused in the game was a rain of whales from the sky, forcing another shutdown and investigation.

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There have been plenty of hacks, reports of Chinese clans DDoSing grids to halt attacks and duping on a largescale. Most of this is happening on the PvP servers I believe. But PvE isn't without it's issues, people can still sink your ships by overweighting them (despite a really shonky attempt to fix this by the devs which means you cant give people lifts / visit another persons boat). The Land claim system is still fucked as well.


Despite this I've transitioned from enjoying it to being pretty much hooked on it! Stockholm syndrome maybe.


We have a nice little base, a small taming pen, a schooner and a little fleet to sloops we ride around in mainly because we are too scared about losing our schooner to some glitch. We've recently fitted it out with cannons so really need to man up in this regard.


We found a friendly group in the grid next door who helped us out with some rare seeds to get our farm up and running and have done some treasure hunting - a great source of XP for levelling, as well as gold and better blueprints... when they don't glitch out.


We opted to live in the colder tundra regions where it is harder to survive and as a result there are less people so our area is nice and lag free and not too crowded. Sure there are wolves everywhere but you can't have everything.




Our "fleet" sails bravely out into the unknown , you can just make out my horse waiting patiently on deck.




Fox now on my ship as he got sunk on the way. He bravely distracted a ship of the damned and we managed to cross to the next grid while he was mercilessly sunk. Amazingly a few minutes later he comes swimming across on his horse we got the animals on one boat and him on the other and our expedition continued.



Why am I enjoying it so much ? I guess I'm a sucker for this kind of game for a start. I really enjoy the building and crafting. But it has the added hook of exploration. I find the sailing really satisfying. It can be annoying dodging the constant ships of the damned and when it rains it spawns innumerable hurricanes around you. But it's also quite pleasing when you outwit these obstacles and sail out, repair your ship and continues your journey. 


I did a 9 grid journey on my own. Anchoring at islands on the way to hunt for resources , stock up on food , or take a break when I had to go offline and although time consuming and ultimately pretty fruitless (I only found small amounts of the metal I was after and my pick broke with no means to repair it) it was fun, I levelled up my little sloop. I got scared when i saw a giant whale. Took incoming cannon fire from a ship of the damned and managed to escape and repair. Landed at an island with huge player bases on it that were damn impressive (if a little bit hard on the framerate). I was tired, but really pleased when I sailed back into our little dock safe and sound!


There is a bit of skill specialisation going on, so our little group have to work together and I'm enjoying it when we go on expeditions as a team, but also when I venture out solo. The frustrations are easing as we learn our way around the mechanics and the various issues. There is a nice sense of progression as we level up and find blueprints and work to get the matts to build better gear to tackle bigger challenges.


Would I feel the same if we had been hit by griefers? Maybe not. We did lose a schooner to a bug (that was fixed 15 minutes later) and we worked together and build another one in a few hours, if it was a bigger ship that required even more effort? I don't know.  But right now, as long as our luck holds it's pretty great.


I wouldn't say I had faith in the devs exactly, they make some odd decisions, but I watched a live stream with them and it seemed pretty promising. The patches and updates are coming thick and fast which bodes well in terms of fixes and new content.



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My character is now 75 years old....


There is a new Fountain of youth that moves around the various powerstone islands. It has led to islands lagged to death with abandoned ships and naked character by their hundreds swarming and dying trying to run the gauntlet of high level enemies to drink the elixer of life. 


Another ... odd dev decision which we have opted not to partake in despite the advanced age of Front Admiral / Commodore / Prime Minister Fox. Pictured below entertaining his crew with a ditty while we sail.




He's 100 years old now, which gives him a permanent debuff, but he can still slay a skeleton with the best of them.


Other changes have come from the Pvp servers, stone building has had the ingredients increased making it essentially unusable for us. This is another example of issues with the PvP gameplay negatively effecting the PvE experience. 


I'm still enjoying it though I must say. We have constructed a huge pen to keep our freshly tamed elephant in. hired some NPC crew to man the guns on our schooner and have ventured out and finally sunk a Ship of the Damned. Sure it was only a level 2 one and it nearly sank us but we've done it!


We are planning to journey further afield to claim some better treasure maps and hunt some more NPC ships. We also need to visit other biomes to harvest different kind of resources for crafting higher level equipment. 


From a gameplay perspective I find it interesting that you can man your ship with NPCs which allow you to sail even a larger ship single handed. On one hand if the other aren't on this is potentially great , but it removes the need for some of the more enjoyable aspects of sailing cooperatively. They have a lot of conflicting drivers to deal with in this game which must be a real challenge from a design perspective.


There are still occasional crashes, some of which could be potentially disastrous with bad luck. But we have escaped the worst possibilities ... for now.


We are still lucky so far as well with our base. No signs of griefers or people trying to encroach on our area. Two ships turned up and demolished an abandoned base on the next headland, but they left without building anything of their own. A huge Galleon crewed by Russians docked by us for repairs. They seemed friendly enough, so I made them some Spiced Rum before they sailed off.


There have been two weekends now of double harvesting bonus. Which to my mind just serves to highlight that the game would be more fun if it was always like that. Make it more fun.... take it away again. Thanks devs.


TLDR: Still having a blast despite the obstacles.

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  • 1 month later...

So the Devs announced a big patch at the end of March that includes a reset. So we stopped playing until then for a fresh start. 


It sounds like they are overhauling a LOT of stuff - highlights include:


Redesign of claim system - this ones important, jury is out.

Spreading out start positions to avoid the day 1 clusterfuck.

Adding many more islands to avoid island duplication (Im very happy about this one)

More quests.
Player run shops in freeports for trade.
New deep sea trench, with new creatures, a submarine for exploring it.

More variety in NPC ships of the dammed.


Full patch notes:



It all sounds pretty good and I'm looking forward to having another crack at it, with what we learned last time and with the various improvements they are making.


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