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Gaming Toys, Posters, figures, dolls, Memorabilia. Post them here!


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I got these today. I didn't collect them as a kid as they were out in 1992 and I didn't know about games or Nintendo until about 1993/4 when I got a NES, but I did used to collect football stickers, so having 16 packs of Nintendo ones to open was a great nostalgic time this afternoon.



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On 01/07/2020 at 05:49, RastanSaga said:

Got my eye on these two as a future purchase.

s-l1600 (92).jpg

s-l1600 (91).jpg


So many questions about Chun Li there, but I’ll keep it to three. Why does she have 3 boobs (*and a need of a mammogram based on shape/deformity), why are her hips seriously displaced, and who broke her fingers like that?


(Yes, I know, its her shoulder, but still...)

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I'm a little surprised I haven't posted in here before! I've a fair bit of stuff dotted around the place, but as I'm not sure my workplace wants to pay me while I spend an hour merrily wandering around the house snapping phoots I'll start with the small set of toys I have dotted around the living room, brought back from my month in Japan last March. I may have had a bit too much of a nice time playing with gacha machines and UFO catchers while I was there (and you may notice a certain theme amongst the items I collected...)















(this one lives in my PC and tries to keep it clean. They're not completely successful, but they're doing their best!)

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