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New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)


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1 minute ago, Wahwah* said:

I'm tempted to get this, is it like Super Mario World? 


Is it an easy play? I'd like a bit of challenge. I've been playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and find that a bit harder than I'd like. 

It's as challenging as you want with the option of using different easier characters and bypassing levels entirely, it's very user friendly. You'll want to play it properly with Mario though, the challenge is enjoyable, and yeah it's a lot like SMW, it's mechanically perfect with excellent levels. 

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Ordered this on Thursday having decided to pass on it as I wrinsed it on WiiU (all but 1 of the post game levels from what I recall). Played it all in boost mode with my brother in law, doing 1 life each.


Anyway, don't recall it being this hard.. Really enjoying it though.

I'm hoping to put more time into Luigi this time around, I remember it feeling just a little too rushed somehow first time around..

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On 13/01/2019 at 12:18, Stanley said:

Are there secret levels off of levels like in SMW?


Yes, but I was pretty disappointed in how they're handled. It doesn't feel as good as opening a shortcut back in SMW and nor are they as well signposted, either by the level label or the map. 

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1 hour ago, joffocakes said:


It doesn't "break" anything other than the stride of folk with three decades of Mario muscle memory working against them.


By all means have it but please let us turn it off.

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2 hours ago, dug said:

Same as SMW then? D'oh, how have I not noticed this?


No, deKay is talking bollocks. Sort of. Yes, some levels that have more than one exit and those are red, but that's not what I'm talking about. Aside from being red, they're fairly clear that there's another way out as you can usually see something right next to it on the map. It's the secret exits I think are needlessly obtuse, but that's what they're like in this game. 1-2 has three exits, but you'd probably never even think to look for any as there's no indication any might exist - it's a blue dot level, on Wii U at least, plus the map doesn't look like it might hold a hidden path - and even if you are curious enough to have looked around based on what you might know of previous 2D Mario games and find the second exit you'll still likely miss the third, more interesting one, because you think you've done well to find the second one and it was a bit of a nicety, a nod to your Mario knowledge and that must be it. And why would you think otherwise? You'd go insane applying that thinking to every single level in the game. I've purposely not spoilered any of that, I think it's a good place to go into armed with that bit of knowledge as while it's clever I think it's being too clever for its own good, too much of an in-joke that's hiding other levels. 


Perhaps I'm being unfair because the SMW Ghost Houses always had two exits and you had to work that out in and there was that sneaky level in Forest of Illusion that doubled back on itself. Actually that was from a Ghost House as well wasn't it not just an unusual third exit out of nowhere so no, I take it back I'm not being unfair it's just not as fun in the discovery in this one. I genuinely don't think I'd ever, ever have discovered any of them because there's no subtle pointer to even check. 

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