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Ambition of the Slimes (Switch/Steam/Vita/3DS)

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Ambition of the Slimes


Price: £4.99


Available on: Switch, Steam, Vita, 3DS


Metacritic: 70%


Ambition of the Slimes is a turn based strategy game with an unusual hook. You play a group of low level Slimes who are extremely vulnerable. You can't really fight. You are weak to any attacks. But you can possess your enemies.


It's an interesting idea with surprising depth. Both the Slimes and enemies have the usual elemental resistances (Fire/Water/Grass) and if you possess an enemy of the same element, it strengthens that elemental type. If you possess an enemy with the opposing element, it weakens both resistances. But it doesn't just end there. There are many different enemies to possess. If a slime takes over a female enemy, she can use her charms to lower a male enemies resistance. Why not possess a merchant and bribe other enemies?


It comes down to an interesting, almost puzzle like approach to stages. A group of low level enemies will be protecting a high level, armoured Knight. How can you distract the low level enemies to get to the knight? 


I will admit, I was looking for another SRPG after playing loads of Into the Breach and I stumbled upon this. It's a fiver, so after checking some reviews decided to give it a go. It's very good. It's a neat idea that starts simple but quickly becomes complex with lots of planning required to succeed. And you will need lots of planning: it's not easy. The game can be tough, although never unfairly so and when you make a wrong move, to it learn from it. 


Finally, it's a fiver. Anyone with any interest in SRPGs should check it out. 




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I very much enjoy SRPGs of the puzzlier kind (e.g. the [earlier] Fire Emblems, Shining Forces, Tactics Ogres of this world, rather than the grind of Nippon Ichi's [and more recent Fire Emblems'] contributions to the genre), and the concept is very appealing, but I really don't like that art-style (the super-sharp terrain textures combined ultra--low-res character sprites really jar unpleasantly to my eyes), while this:


1 hour ago, mdn2 said:

 If a slime takes over a female enemy, she can use her charms to lower a male enemies resistance.


and this:



squick me out a little, all of which is putting me off.


I'll probably give it a try at some point, but I'll not rush out to buy it.

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