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You (Netflix Series Thriller)

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  • 10 months later...

I remember enjoying the first series, despite every single thing about it.


This time, episode one has be stuck on something I can't get past. It feels like a stupid person's vision of cultured, metropolitan life and conversations. 


Like they've never seen a real conversation between functioning humans.

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My girlfriend was watching this, so despite not being enthusiastic about it I gave S2 a go. 

Utter shit, with basically the exact same plot as the first season, a really painfully stupid twist that undoes all the development on the only good character, and another way too convenient ending, which does not need to feel this rushed given how many episodes have nothing happening in them.


More than that though, I don’t understand who it’s aimed at. I thought he was supposed to be sexy dangerous guy for female viewers, but it watches more like a guide for creepy men who want to learn to stalk and gaslight women. 

I did enjoy the bit where they were on acid, and his friendship with real Will.



At least the ending of S1 was supposed to be interesting. Instead of literally just being the start of the first episode for a third time.

So yeah, derivative, repetitive shite that also seems like it might be training stalkers.

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I quite enjoyed the first season so started on this.


Managed to get about half way through (to the hippy parents visit bit) and have had to give up. It's not so much the increasingly ridiculous plot and awful dialogue that finally turned me away. It was the idiotic affectation that sees the borders of every shot look as if they are lightly smeared in vaseline. It was a contrivance that had bothered me in the first season but it seems even more overdone this time round, to the extent that I simply cannot watch it. 


I can't think of a single credible reason for every single shot to look like they are using a shitty weak tilt shift filter. Occasionally would be tolerable, maybe to indicate certain moods, but as it is literally the whole of every single episode it adds nothing but a constant feeling of a smug cinematographer feeling really pleased with his unique look. Despite it wrecking the show.



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18 hours ago, Monkeyboy said:

You’re taking shit too seriously. Like your earlier comment about it being training for stalkers. Get a grip of yourself.

Yeah! Stalker shows are just fun right? Maybe we should have a show about a cool sexy rapist next time? Turn your brain off! It’s just fun! Persistent depictions of glorified male violence against women don’t contribute to the pervasive violence against women in our society! It was early as good as Justice League!

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I’m not even comparing it to fun superhero movies. When I say stop taking it seriously, I mean your Mary Whitehouse style pearl clutching about it being training for stalkers. It’s no more training for stalkers than 24 is training for terrorists, or a million serial killer novels/movies are training for serial killers. If anyone used You as a template for stalker training, they’d be banged up after the first episode. You’re talking utter nonsense. I certainly don’t condone the stalking or the horrible things he does in the show. One, because I know it’s a TV show and the difference between fantasy and reality. And two, I have enough respect for the rest of the audience to think the same.

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