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The logistics of copyright and using content.

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Hey there. I’m in the process of developing an adventure tabletop board game that utilises questions as one of the mechanics. 


What I’d like to know from anyone who might have done similar or know anything about this is, can I use questions that appear in other games? Such as Trivial Pursuit.

The reason I’m asking is because I need three different stacks of questions and I’m concerned about having too much repetition. I have no problem making up questions, but I think I’m going to need loads to have a decent chance at even one replay. 


Can I use and questions and answers off the internet? Would it just be a problem to copy the exact phrasing from another game? 


Also, I’m still working on the question mechanic as I want to have different difficulty levels for the game. I’m not finalised on how that will work yet though, as I’m trying to balance everything.

I don’t want to make it crazy complicated, and there will be a choice of performing a “task” i stead of answering a question, so perhaps that takes care of the sub 8 year olds? I just want there to be a streamlined way to make it age appropriate (such as just choosing from the stack of adult questions.)


All suggestions are welcome on how to achieve this. Perhaps making all tasks child friendly and then having two age categories for the questions: older children and adults. 

The aim is to actually win an item fairly easily, and multiple failures would not be a workable scenario. This part of the game is not meant to be highly challenging, as I want choice to play more of a part than luck. 

I’m loathed to make it so, the harder the question/task, the more items won, as I think that skews the game in that respect. 


Working out all these things is tough! I know play through will help me work them out but I need a place to start. And knowing how easy it would be to have 90+ questions available to me without getting into trouble is a good starting point. 


Thank you. 

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It is possible to copyright quizzes so you will need to check whether whatever quiz you want to use is copyrighted. One reason for that is that creating a quiz, and balancing the difficulty, is not a trivial matter. There are companies who make a business of it. Whether you intend to copy or create your own questions, balancing the difficulty level is something that you will need to devote a lot of attention to if you want your game to be fun and not just frustrating.

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