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Ghostbusters -Afterlife


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14 minutes ago, grindmouse said:

It’s a fresh story that ties into the old ones. It’s been too long for Ghostbusters 3, would be commercial suicide for a younger demographic. Also TVG serves as a GB3.


It seems like Afterlife will resonate with the characters and themes of the movie. What other options are better? I can think of plenty of worse ones.


The Ghostbusters

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It looks like a lower key, small town story -  but that maybe exactly what the franchise needs. Jason Reitman knows how to do great small stories with really great characters. And let's face it - he properly knows more about Ghostbusters than anyone currently working in Hollywood (having grown up on the sets of the originals).


I think this film is going to surprise everyone.

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You can tell from the first shot she's in that the girl is a Spengler.


It's Ghostbusters X Stranger Things X Tremors.


I like it?


(Also, was that thing that jumps on the car Zuul or Vinz?)

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That looks just like how you should do a soft reboot/ sequel after so long. 


Almost too much and in a way that makes me worried it will all go to shit somehow because Sony will still want to shoehorn as much product placement in as possible. 

Fingers crossed because that's a really good trailer and the difference in tone and feel (in regards to actually being a part of the original 2) is just so different to 2016's it's almost embarrassing. 

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