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The Official Rllmuk Game of the Year Awards 2018 - Now Showing: Final Bonus and Poll


As a result of the awards, which top 20 game do you think you will now play?  

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14 hours ago, Wiper said:

Also, you can climb on a gigantic statue of Zeus's willy before you've even left the first island


The first time I brought up the map screen I noticed the option to look at pictures other players had taken. I checked two out. One turned out to be an upskirt shot of Kassandra, and the other was the PC hanging off of Zeus' old chap. Video Gamers.

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Omega VR, like Rush of Blood, gives me the dippy tummies when going over bumps but never enough to make me feel sick, more like a very mild roller-coaster.


Any flying sim so far though has made my retinas detach as I vom all over the living room. At least that’s how it feels.

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13 minutes ago, womblingfree said:

I this new multi-person write-up structure. It's like Rllmuk's answer to Bits.


Benny = stern Emily

Wiper = Aleks

So Jolly is either Claudia or Bouff.


I will happily take being compared to Aleks Krotoski any day of the week.

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That is an awesome review, Wiper. These lists are great for inspiring new avenues of interest. I've always wanted to try a Monster Hunter game and you summed up everything beautifully. Your journey arc has pretty much said it all so I don't have to play it.


This is not sarcasm, I genuinely feel your description has saved me a lot of time for other games which will follow.



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3 hours ago, Pob said:

I’ve never played Monster Hunter, but imagine reading that carefully crafted and imaginatively written review and dropping a neg because you happen to not like the game. 

I was rather drunk last night. I have removed the neg, @Wiper my apologies. 


I stand by my comment, though. :coffee: 

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