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The Official Rllmuk Game of the Year Awards 2018 - Now Showing: Final Bonus and Poll


As a result of the awards, which top 20 game do you think you will now play?  

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Just now, Jolly said:



"The clever twist with this is if you screw up, you can send one of your mech pilots back in time to restart the campaign with all the experience he's gained. It adds an interesting risk/reward mechanic and it has that 'one more go' that great turn based strategy games have. Wargroove has its work cut out for it next year if it aims to best this."



Just to quote myself: Wargroove is better than this. And I really liked this. 


Great write up @Jolly

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"This is a £25 roadside fry-up of a game except actually delicious."


"This thing is ridiculously long, like a baguette that Roy Castle has gone to have a look at." 


The best write up yet. Justifies the argument for a double upvote button. 

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Here's a fun story. I apparently subconsciously decided that Celeste wasn't difficult enough so when I started to play one evening I inexplicably completely forgot you were able to cling onto the walls. It wasn't even a long break between play sessions, like a day or something. I wrestled my way through the entirety of that hotel bit; about three hours of play; before suddenly '...Resi 4 has a run button?!'

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23 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

Ohh noes, how is RDR2 ahead of an actual stone dead classic like Celeste? :( 


Bloody mukkers, what you like!


Better question: why is a non-game like RDR2 ahead of anything on the list so far?

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That caption :D 


But yeah, Celeste was at the top of my GotY list even though I'd never usually consider it my thing. The difficulty is balanced almost perfectly and it's wrapped in a charming story and ace presentation. :wub: 

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