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The Suicide Squad - James Gunn now confirmed to write and Direct - Summer 2021


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21 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

There's blatantly a couple they'll kill off quickly, like TDK and Polka Dot Man. 


Polka Dot Man all the way to the end. I mean, just check out his dot powers:




Flying Buzzsaw Dot, a red polka dot designed as a projectile. The dot had a rotating interior mechanism upon which a circular saw blade was mounted.


Flying Saucer Dot, a yellow polka dot which expanded rapidly into a flat, man-sized glider. It was steered by a series of buttons or switches on the Polka-Dot Man's belt.


Sun Dot, a gold polka dot designed as a projectile. It was gimmicked to resemble a model of the sun and emitted a blinding, disorienting light similar to a flare.


Bubble Dot, a white polka dot which expanded into a translucent capsule capable of flight. Like the Flying Saucer Dot, it was steered by a belt apparatus.


Fist Dots were red, yellow, and orange polka dots designed as projectiles. They were thrown at once and gimmicked to resemble human fists. When bounced off opponents at close range and in concert, these dots could produce concussive effects.


Hole Dot, a black polka dot simply referred to as a "hole" by the Polka-Dot Man. It opened up what appeared to be a teleportation transport system and was presumably developed with assistance from General Immortus.



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'From the horribly beautiful mind of James Gunn'? Is there any actor who isn't in this? The title is The Suicide Squad, to differentiate it from the previous film which didn't include The? That trailer seems to present things as though they're fun, are they? Is that a good or bad trailer, i have no idea, is it?


edit: doesn't matter, Glasgowchivas posted at the same time. Fun confirmed! Can't tell with James Gunn, he has that JJ Abrams disease of presenting things without feeling it.

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1 hour ago, Lorfarius said:

I think she's been ruined as HQ since Birds of Prey, fake accent is really starting to grate and I thought this looked awful. I didn't mind the first one at all but this... meh.

Especially when Kaley Cuoco who isn’t doing a Arleen Sorkin impression is an amazing Harley Quinn in the animated series. 

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