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The Time Extend in this month's Edge was rather good, and had a take on the game that I missed completely from my limited dabbling in the first few levels on Baby mode. Thankfully the article tipped me off to the existence of an invulnerability cheat so I've skipped through the game and soaked in the decaying atmosphere as the Bydo Empire finally gets the coup de grace right in the throbbing brain.

Poor old Dobkeratops (the really famous R-Type baddie that's on every magazine cover that has ever featured R-Type). What have they done to him? I was glad to put him out of his misery.

The bit in Level 3 where the camera swings round to the front of the mothership! The distracting erotic imagery of one of the later levels! The exciting conclusion! I think I'm going to have to play through this a few more times to see the other endings.

I love cheat modes. If only Treasure would be so generous, then ordinary Joes like myself could see the rest of Gradius V too.

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