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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - tonight we're gonna price it like it's 1993!

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3 minutes ago, probotector said:

I’ve watched the video again and in hindsight I can see why they have gone for that art style in order to make sure the game plays very similar to the tile based original!


cant wait 


The longer I look at it, the more it fits the story. If you know what I mean.

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3 minutes ago, joeplus said:

I'm not sure about this new Youtube feature where videos can eject chopped onions into your face. 


Dear god, I wasn't even watching the Direct, just saw a thing on Twitter. Holy fucking shit, this console. :blush::wub::blink:


I like that the FMV isnt flashy, it’s very 80s/90s hand drawn anime

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It's a cute art style that's reflective of the handicraft look that Nintendo have been using for a while but I think I was a little bit more excited by the way the intro now looks like old Zelda illustrations brought to life. I think I'd prefer a style that was a bit more evocative of that.


I'm also a bit surprised by the vibrant palette. Those Game Boy greens made me forget that I was on a sunny island for long stretches of the game.

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