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Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy cancelled.

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Good news for me and the one other person who liked it, this is still getting made.






UPDATE: The original article reported on a rumor that Rian Johnson was stepping away from his Star Wars trilogy. The director himself has confirmed this isn't true.

A new rumor suggested that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is no longer set to direct his formerly planned trilogy of Star Wars movies, but has been roundly debunked by the filmmaker.

The Last Jedi was the middle entry in Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy, which will conclude this year with Star Wars: Episode IX, directed by The Force Awakens' J.J. Abrams. Johnson's film focused on Rey's efforts to train as a Jedi with the legendary Luke Skywalker (who was reluctant to say the least), while the rest of the Resistance continued their fight against the First Order. The movie was a success with critics and grossed more than $1.32 billion, but also sparked a fiery backlash among some Star Wars fans, with Johnson himself becoming a focal point for the hate.

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It was reported late on February 13 by SuperBroMovies that "according to multiple sources," Johnson has ceased development on his trilogy of Star Wars movies that was first announced in November 2017. According to this report, it was Johnson's decision to part ways with the mammoth sci-fi franchise, so that he could focus instead on other projects, like his upcoming movie Knives Out.

This was swiftly disputed by Making Star Wars, who stated "I spoke to several of my sources and it would be news to them if anything had changed at all. Some laughed. All said nothing has changed and all announced films are going forward as planned."

Finally, Johnson took to Twitter to outright debunk the rumor, saying he was still working on his trilogy.



Thought we should split this out from the other threads.


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I really like Rian Johnson - he seems down to earth, fun and not particularly egotistical - but I don't really like his films.


I don't feel he's progressed past the 'indie filmmaker' stage far enough by this point in his career. You know, where you've got great ideas but no money, so you rely on clever dialogue and some startling shots, but can't really pull of dialogue-free action scenes or any kind of wit or comedy.


I get that same impression with Treverow and a few others of their generation of filmmakers. They aren't wunderkinds like Spielberg or Wes Anderson, or Lord and Miller - they're people with some talent who got too far into the limelight before being seasoned, it seems to me. The difficulty at this late stage is reining them in. It's hard to tell them they need a mentor, or a script editor, or anything like that when they can retort with, "My last movie made a billion dollars" but if anyone can take advise, I would expect it to be Johnson.


For the new trilogy, I hope he has taken lots of advice from his peers and nails his pacing and characterisation - pares down his desire to create densely-woven but not particularly inspired plots and make something accessible without losing his personal stamp in the process.



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I haven't seen his first film, but I've seen all the other ones he has made. I can see why Kathleen Kennedy was interested in him. It's fair to say none of his films so far have been 100% classics, but he clearly does have talent and any problems with the last film he made could be put down to poisoned chalice problems as you're tasked with making something right in the middle of a continued narrative, so you neither start the ball rolling or get to end it, just pass the baton in the relay.


As a human being, having heard him talk before, no problems. Let's see what he can do without the creative restrictions of making a link film, though Knives Out should be a useful indicator of his current status as an auteur film maker.

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In an interview, he said that he played Pokemon Red and Blue as a child but is the same age as me so would have been in his 20s. This has nothing to do with Star Wars but does suggest he is ashamed of playing Pokemon in his 20s before it was cool.


I'm not sure I can forgive him.

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29 minutes ago, linkster said:

In fairness it’s good news and bad - I applaud the braver decisions that made TLJ memorable but he has to take the blame for all the dreary pointless extras too


This pretty much sums up TLJ for me too. It had some good stuff in there I really liked, but let down by some baffling decisions elsewhere.

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Yeah, it bugs me a bit that any criticism can't be done about TLJ without looking like an arsehole. But I'm of the opinion that is was a lot of good ideas poorly realised, rather than the more common opinion that it was bad ideas realised at all. 


Half the bloody film should have been at the Casino, a new interesting place worth exploring. It's not the bit that should have been chopped off because it had "them" in it. 

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I agree with a point made above about him not being able to move away from his indie roots.


He could have gone all out with the last Jedi, instead we got a low budget Star Wars movie. This should have been Empire Strikes Back.


instead we got the first draft of battlestar galactica.


Meant the post before my last one, although he is a jabroni

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I've said it before and I'll say it again.  He doesn't understand Star Wars or how the main series movies are constructed.  He injected too much of himself into it.  Abrams didn't.  He didn't splash lens flair everywhere and tried to make VII flow with the others.  Johnson tried to be too smart arsed and took me right out of the film.  The opening battle with the stuff with Rose's sister belonged in a different movie.  It was too showy and felt out of place in a main series Star Wars movie.  Much of Rogue One was like this too.  It was fine there but didn't fit the pacing style of the main series.

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