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The 3DS Resurrection thread


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On 10/09/2021 at 16:33, Jarik said:

Would you say the 3DS remakes of Superstar Saga & Bowers Inside Story measure up to the likes of Dream Team?  As far as I can tell they’re the same games they were on the GBA/DS & as I’ve already played them through on those consoles they don’t really appeal.


I've only completed the 3DS remake of Superstar Saga and it's the same as the GBA original. It loses a bit of it's charm with the graphic update and the map on the bottom screen makes navigation easier but that's it, if you've already completed SS there are no surprises in it. I got bored of Sticker Star and Mario + Luigi & Paper Mario very quickly the latter because it's a lot of tedious 'find the toads' missions which are no fun at all but my tastes are different from yours because while it looks and sounds great I thought Dream Team was too long and poorly paced and gave up on it as well. 

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