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Dirt Rally 2.0


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Played this a lot more today and I'm starting to fall for it :)


- Handling definitely better, I needed to find a car that suited me and that was the Mini.  Going back to the cars I tried first has been a revelation after that.

- Weather effects look really good and weather affects things quite a bit in terms of the way the car handles.  They also tie in nicely with the new tyre model and the way you select tyres, don't forget to change your tyres at service!

- Stages are beautiful and the replays are excellent, non of that spinning around the car nonsense here.

- The pace notes are really good now I'm used to them, very informative.  The changes in volume are a bit weird though.


There are some issues, menus seem a bit fiddly and not all cars seem to have the internal gear number indicator (The mk2 Escort doesn't anyway) which is a bit annoying if you use cockpit cam and sequential gears.

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17 minutes ago, SharkyOB said:

And now Racenet is apparently down, which means I can't play career mode at all due to the game's DRM and I've also lost the progress I'd made in the rallycross championship.  Perils of playing early.


Bloody always online. You're not playing early though as the Deluxe version has been released, usual crap with Deluxe people paying for the privilege to finish testing :blah:


How are you finding the FFB, lots of moans about no/very little road feel? Good to hear it's generally growing on you though.

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I’m really enjoying this, agree with the force feedback not being the best, the important feedback is there but it’s a bit weak and missing the fun rumbling type effects. But other than that it seems like a nice improvement over the original in most ways, handling is good, graphics are good, nice foliage and weather. So yeah initial thumbs up here :)

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It's great, when I can play it. The racenet issues are a pain in the arse, had to choose the 'return to the main menu' option in a daily challenge because I couldn't start the stage; that's now gone down as a DNF against me and I can't restart the event. Shite.

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5 hours ago, NinjaSeb said:

Is there any kind of multiplayer in this?


id like to see a lobby of 10 people for example all doing a specific stage against the clock. Fastest person accumulates most points.


As far as I know it works the same as the first game, but I haven't tried multiplayer stuff (apart from the daily/weekly challenges) so I'm only 95% sure.


You can join lobbies for rallycross but I don't think there's a way to do stages in the way you've described.  You can set up leagues and then create rallies for participants to drive in but it's not synchronous.  This time they're cross platform which is a bonus for me (although you don't seem to see player's names properly from other platforms), as I'll probably end up running some league stuff here.


Edit - I may be wrong about this actually, I've just found something online which makes it look as though you can do rally stages in a lobby.  You won't see each other, but player icons appear on the stage progress bar on the left of the screen, so you can see where you are in relation to the field.  This is great if so, need to do have a look when I get home.

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