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Airecon muk meet?


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2 hours ago, therearerules said:

Just to demo, but foolishly I agreed to run the playtest stand (with a couple of hours put aside each day to demo my game) so I'm going to be crazy shilling after hours. That is if my promo/proto copies arrive by then.


Im interested in trying Forks again now that you’ve made changes... quite happy to blind test it against the rules again.

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We caught up with TaR and he showed us his new game, Forks, which we both enjoyed quite a lot. My partner won with 10 points, I ended up with -7. Ooops. It was a fun, quick game and I think we'll be backing this on KS when it lands. I do like a nice small card game that is easy to teach and this one hits the spot. I think I'll be in for a few copies as it'll make a brilliant present.

We also both really liked the demo of Solarstorm that we played. A coop survival game that seemed to have lots to think about and plenty of ways to interact as well as die. We died.


I managed to sell a few of my games and picked up a couple of expansions in the BnB as well as a copy of Lost Valley for £10 and Yamatai for £25. There were some ridiculous bargains in the BnB but sadly they were for games I already own. I also picked up a copy of Elysium for £20 from a seller who seemed to have end of line games.


We tried a few games from the library as well to finish off the day. It was a good day and a nice warm up for the UKGE in a few months time.

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really enjoyed that - ended up spending all day every day sitting at the end of the table playing games.  Some from the library, some we'd brought with us that we rarely get a chance to play.  Didn't managed to catch up with people and I drank a bit too much.


2 guys joined us for Isle of Skye on Friday evening which was great fun.  I managed to convince one of them to get Spartacus from the BnB (still one of the greatest ever games).


I sold some stuff, which made me quite happy - Deathwing with Space Hulk and Genestealer... a bit of a shame that neither Advanced Heroquest or Space Marine sold, but that's a bit more hardcore and specialist nowadays.  I did manage to sell one of my Witcher 3 Gwent boxes, which was nice.


There was one stall next to the BnB that sold a bunch of games at ridiculous prices.  I picked up Black Orcehestra brand new for 30 quid which seems like a ridiculous bargain!

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Had a great weekend - will be doing the 3 days next year. Didn’t squeeze as many games in as I’d have liked but considering I taught and played Arkwright on Saturday which took up 6 1/2 hours I can’t complain. 

 Nice to meet @therearerules - especially since your forum games are kind of what led me down this rabbit hole. Sorry I didn’t make it back to try forks but the game you pointed me towards looks like it could have potential - shame it’s not got a name so I’ll never know if it appears anywhere :)

 A great atmosphere though and any time I stuck a ballon down to play a game it didn’t take long to fill the player slots, highlight was teaching decrypto to a group who wanted to see how language dependant it would be so they could take home to Greece (they play code names with English words and clues in Greek back home). We had a great laugh playing and they went straight to the travelling man stall and picked a copy up afterwards :)  

 It’s just a shame there’s not more stuff in Scotland as Tabletop Scotland seems ages away right now. 

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I had an AMAZING time! First time getting Forks really out there amongst the public, and it went really well. Almost universal praise (1 person didn't like the fact they couldn't maths it out completely, and the pastel colours), but otherwise I was on fire all weekend. From the Sidereal Confluence on the Friday, through to all the shepherding. Scott, I'm gutted I didnt get to see you (my first word to Mortis was "Scott?") , but otherwise I'm not sure what more I could have wanted to achieve. The issue is now that I'm permanantly tired and I'm going to mess up soon as a result.

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