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Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

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Urgh, the Pokémon Company are idiots – the official site for the UK has had 22nd all over the site, but Nintendo UK has it down for Friday. Midnight tonight, then or maybe even 05:00 to coincide with the end of the scheduled maintenance (i.e. PoGo integration + nuking illegal Pokémon) for HOME.

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Didn't really keep myself informed on this one, and now the game has thrown a choice at me that I just don't know what to do with!


My tutorial Max Lair gave me Suicune, which is pretty damn awesome as it is easily my favourite of the dogs. I assumed that everyone got the same, but they are seemingly random, so I'm quite happy with that already. It remains brilliant seeing Pokemon wandering around, especially when it's one of the ones I've never seen before. A Milotic swimming around, they're just so huge. (I was even happy to see Zubat flapping around in the cave, although I had seen that in Let's Go.)


It looks like there's quite a bit more to do in this one than in the last one. I definitely feel I've gotten my money's worth with it. Looking forward to some co-op at some point, too.

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There is only one way to say it, so I will. This is the definitive Pokemon game. Yes, there are still a couple of favourite Pokemon missing, and many of the optional things like Contests, Triple Battles, etc. should really be there for the people who care about them. But, all the tools are now in place for the competitive to make EXACTLY the Pokemon they want to, whereas the more casual player can just have fun riding around marvelling at the personality put into the Tyrantrum chasing them. Zooming around trying to outsmart Zapdos, chasing footprints for the Iron Will Pokemon, or wondering just how you get into the temple for the Regis. 


I'm sure a lot of this could have been acheived without the DLC, but when such a great framework was already in place I'm glad they chose to expand it rather than release a whole new game. Bring on a third package, I say! Give me Geodudes, give me Secret Bases, give me Megas and Z-moves, give me stuff I never bothered with in the previous games but others adored. I'll buy it, sight unseen, because this is the perfect way to present them all. 

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I think it's going to take one more iteration. This game was inspired by BotW but the freedom was ultimately limited to a specific area in a really conservative way. People wanted more, DLC focussed on this and gave more traversal and open climes. The next game will take it further, or 'do it properly' I think, and Pokemon will be all the better for it. 

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Available through Game stores and online if the stores are closed. I’m not sure how they will do it online, I assume it’ll be one per customer account and they’ll send the code to the account holders email address.

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