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On 28/02/2019 at 11:23, grindmouse said:

I think people were, not unreasonably, expecting more open and complex environments, bringing back the bike for example...


Hey grindmouse, they were listening. Such power. You should clearly moan before you have anything like the full facts more often*.



* - please don't


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20 minutes ago, grindmouse said:


It’s the standard, linear single-player template with some open area pockets, multiplayer raid battles and a gimmick where they scale up the 3D models of the Pokemon.


I mean, it looks charming and I’m on board, (the new Pokemon look great and I like the UK theme) but ambitious?


@rgraves They brought back the bike? You’re welcome.


Yeah. I think it looks very ambitious compared to every Pokémon game I've ever seen before, and vastly more ambitious than the top down fixed camera linear Pokémon game I was expecting.






(Gif credit to Electivirer on Resetera)


I'm not sure how anyone can look at that and think, 'Meh, looks just like every other Pokémon game I've played.' But then I've only ever played two Pokémon games so maybe I've missed the ones that looked like this.

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2 minutes ago, Strafe said:

Graphical differences aside - and the perspective - how does this differ to Pokemon Let’s Go?


Proper Pokemon battles.


Actually, graphically, I think Let's Go looks better if much smaller scale.

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Just now, Strafe said:

When you say ‘proper’, how so? Let’s Go is my only experience of Pokemon battles.


You actually fight Pokemon in the wild instead of just chuck a ball at them.

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