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Demon's Tilt - I said TILT!


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"DEMON'S TILT is a tribute to ‘90s video pinball games, featuring modern effects and mechanics—including bosses, secrets, and unprecedented depth to please video gamers and hardcore pinball enthusiasts alike"





This is in the latest copy of Retro Gamer and it looks incredible.  Anyone tried the Early Access?  


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On 28/02/2019 at 14:23, Mr Combo Breaker said:

Obviously they need to be putting it on the switch

Out now on Switch :D


On 28/02/2019 at 14:23, Mr Combo Breaker said:

and rename it Dragon's Tilt :lol: 

or Demon’s Fury

Still called Demon's Tilt :(

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Decided this will be my last purchase of the year and last until FF7R. Really enjoying it so far but it seems pretty tough! Scoring and so on seems pretty deep and interesting so I'll look forward to learning it better. Absolutely perfect on the Switch but also pretty palatable for nowt on GP! 

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I'd recommend the EX difficulty because there's more stuff going on. Subtables and more things open up, or so it seems to me. I'm no better on the Normal so might as well go for the more complete mode. Very satisfying and exciting when it all starts going bonkers and you open up various elements of the table. 

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