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Demon's Tilt - I said TILT!


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1 hour ago, Benny said:

I figured that level of distortion in it was intentional. It fits the aesthetic.


Yeah I agree with you but I find the distortion (superbly described by you there, I've got stinking hangover and couldn't find the right word earlier!) coupled with the low volume means that I really struggle to hear what's being said and it's hampered the game a bit for me. Pretty sure my hearing is ok and I've not experienced anything similar with any other games :wacko:


Hmmm, I wonder if it might be better with headphones whereby I could mess with different sound profiles? 

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It reminds me a bit of the muffled announcer in F-Zero X who you could barely hear what they were saying: "Waaaaoooh yourwayouuu inn frooooon". But in that instance it was a technical limitation with range and compression, but lent it an endearing quality. So I think that's why I thought it might be intentionally hard to hear what the announcer is saying with the distortion, to capture some of that mysteriously unintelligible voiceover you got in that era, along with the specific audio-visual aesthetic of Devil Crash/Crush on the Mega Drive/PC Engine.

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