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Lair of the Clockwork God


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  • 10 months later...

Finished it today. It is bloody excellent. Even better than I was hoping for. It’s one of the funniest games I’ve ever played and some of the puzzles are bloody clever.


If you like point and click games, or funny games, or games where you literally piss on stuff, or games that take the piss out of stuff , then I implore you to buy Lair Of The Clockwork God without delay. It’s only £15 and worth twice that at least.


And don’t just take my word for it - check out the reviews on Steam.

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Dan Marshall was Keza MacDonald's guest on the most recent Spawnpoint* podcast.


It's a really good, fun listen. Enjoyably brief and to-the-point as well, which is refreshing in an age of rambling three hour long banter marathons.



*Comfortably the best name for a gaming podcast ever.

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4 hours ago, deKay said:

I watched you playing! I think it was you anyway. Your brain worked far quicker than me in the Suffering level :)

Yep, that was me. Had to pause it during suffering as I got a phone call but yeah that was one of those aha moments where I was like "what if..." :D


"Feeling old" has to be hands down the best part though.

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Can I ask, how does this perform for everyone? When I'm platforming, the screen scrolling is really jerky, like about 15fps if I had to guess. It doesn't matter what resolution I'm running it in, and CPU and GPU usage is never more than 40% each, so I don't think it's a lack of power.


EDIT: oh never mind, found out what the issue was - I have two screens set up in Windows, with the display duplicated (I only ever have one of the displays on at any time). Changing this setting to explicitly disable the screen I'm not using makes everything a lot smoother. Weird, first game where this has been a problem!

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10 hours ago, deKay said:

I don’t think it hammers machines much!


Exactly, which is why it was so weird - I was changing all sorts of vsync and other GPU settings trying to find the one that had made it slow down. I might email Dan Marshall to let him know what the workaround is in case anyone else comes across the same thing.


Anyway, now that's sorted - great game, enjoying it a lot!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Am I missing something here or are the controls for the point and click character absolutely awful.  Im using an xbox one controller with the Steam version and it seems to interact with anything I have to hold up on the dpad and then with my right hand use the right analogue stick to select an option and then use another finger from that hand to press the b button to select the option I want.  It isnt just a broken mechanic, it is very uncomfortable and there seems no way to correct it in the options menu. I've never encountered such awful controls in any game before.

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Just now, moosegrinder said:

It should just select the option if you release Up with the stick aimed at the option you want. It did on Switch.



I've put the game off for now but I'll try that.  It was only letting me select anything if I pressed B, even though in the controller setup, B wasn't assigned to anything...

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