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What's the best programme to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer?

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I've been out of the loop with TV for a while due to my baby not giving much time for quality viewing, but my wife and I have got him into a bit more of a routine now and have an hour or two each evening, so I want to know what's good. Every time I log onto Netflix there seems to be some brand new show or another, likewise for Prime, and it's all a bit overwhelming, so I typically just end up watching repeats of Peep Show.


What's would you recommend? I don't mind when it comes to genre. I'll happily watch drama, docs, comedy - whatever, really. It doesn't have to be brand new, either.


Off the top of my head, I've already seen:




The Sopranos

The Wire

Breaking Bad

(My top three)


The Thick of It

Better Call Saul

Boardwalk Empire


The Thick of It


Peep Show

Line of Duty

Arrested Development



This Country

The Office (UK and US)

Parks and Recreation


Game of Thrones

Battlestar Galactica

The Walking Dead (although I got fed up about series 6)

Stranger Things

Mad Men



Green Wing


Planet Earth (and similar Attenborough docs)

Classic beeb stuff like Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Porridge, etc


Plus a load of other stuff I can't recall.


If you had to recommend just one programme on the streaming services I've mentioned, what would it be?

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3 minutes ago, linkster said:


Queer as Folk

Inside Number 9

Killing Eve

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell


Another vote for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (and Inside Number 9, but that’s a given).

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The Good Place (Netflix) Don’t watch/read any spoilers.

The Tick (Amazon)

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (iPlayer)


And if you want something completely different, the new She-Ra on Netflix is surprisingly decent if you’re willing to accept that you are definitely not it’s target audience.

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Black Mirror



The End of the Fucking World


The Staircase

Inside No. 9

Santa Clarita Diet

Making a Murderer

The Good Place



Queer Eye

Happy Valley




Mr Robot



Killing Eve




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Thanks all. Lots to be getting on with! I think I'll start with Killing Eve while it's still on iPlayer as I can watch it between episodes of Line of Duty. I've only ever seen a few episodes of Black Mirror, too, so that's moved to the top of my lost as well.

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Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - Netflix, four seasons each with an arc, one major arc. Complete.

The Good Place - Netflix. 

Person of interest - Currently on Prime, I think. Complete.


theres a pattern in my choices, but unfortunately the pattern spoils at least two of the series.

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8 hours ago, Monkeyboy said:

Halt And Catch Fire on Amazon. Has a really cool intro. Was always on the edge of my seat every episode, waiting for it to kick in after the first couple of scenes. :D




 I'll second this by saying that HaCF starts off as a drama predominantly concerned with the 80s tech industry but it's a focus that slowly starts to fade into the background as the excellent character development takes centre stage. Absolutely great cast and filled with lovely moments from start to finish.


Oh, and it has a great soundtrack.

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