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On 27/08/2020 at 21:19, Gambit said:

Does anyone else have problems with the app on PS4? Its fucking abysmal. Constantly freezing with the audio still playing, cutting out completely. Awful.


Every week now is bringing with it a new PS4 update. And everytime they fix the previous issue, it brings another new problem. It's quite incredible how shite they are. Last night it seemed fine though, so hopefully update #24 is the magic number.

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Trailer and clips for Marvel's eight-episode documentary series 616:











Marvel's 616 consists of eight episodes, directed by different accomplished filmmakers and tackling various facets of Marvel. The first episode, ″The Japanese Spider-Man,″ is directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) and tells the story of the most interesting Marvel adaptation you've probably never heard of before. In 1978, Marvel struck a deal with Japanese TV giant Toei to adapt the company's most popular superhero for Japanese audiences. The result involved a giant robot and a cool car, and became an important influence on Japanese pop culture. Japanese Spider-Man (a.k.a Supaidāman) has rarely been seen outside of Japan, so the footage will knock your socks off.


The second episode is titled ″Higher, Further, Faster," after the tagline of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick's popular Captain Marvel comics that were a big influence on the 2019 film starring Brie Larson. Directed by Gillian Jacobs (Community), the episode introduces viewers to the women who have played important roles in Marvel's history. The third episode, ″Amazing Artisans,″ is directed by Clay Jeter and focuses on two international Marvel artists, Javier Garrón and Natacha Bustos, who live in Barcelona and use their life experiences to influence their work on popular young superheroes Miles Morales and Moon Girl.


Episode four, ″Lost and Found,″ is directed by Paul Scheer (Black Monday, The League) and features him exploring the most obscure, wild, and forgotten Marvel characters (rest assured: there are plenty of them). The fifth episode, ″Suit Up!," is directed by Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times) and focuses on cosplay culture. There are interviews with several cosplayers as they prepare for last year's New York Comic Con, so if you are missing the in-person NYCC experience this year, this episode should work as a substitute. Virtual NYCC will have plenty of panels, but they won't have the irreplaceable experience of walking around so many unique cosplayers.


The sixth episode, ″Unboxed,″ is directed by Sarah Ramos (Parenthood) and explores the ″symbiotic relationship″ between comics and toys. Which came first, which influenced the other? The answer is not always the same, as indicated by interviews with Marvel toy experts, designers at Hasbro and Funko, and passionate collectors. Episode seven, ″The Marvel Method," is directed by Brian Oakes and takes a close look at the creation of the new Iron Man 2020 comic. There are interviews with writer Dan Slott, artist Pete Woods, and editor Tom Brevoort as they work to get the comic completed by deadline. In addition, the interviews provide historical background on the development of the titular Marvel Method as it was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, for better and worse.


Last but certainly not least is the eight episode, "Marvel Spotlight." Directed by Alison Brie (Community, GLOW), this episode follows a group of students at Florida's Brandon High School as they put on performances of the new Marvel Spotlight plays and realize how much characters like Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl speak to their own high school experiences.


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49 minutes ago, Stigweard said:

Soul is going direct to Disney+ on Xmas Day.



That is kind of great in a way.  Not premier access like Mulan either. This is a pretty aggressive move to get subscribers.   Hopefully it gets a run in theatres after things get more normal and I would pay to watch it again if it’s normal Pixar quality.



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Finally caved and subscribed so I could watch through the Marvel stuff.


Enjoying The Right Stuff too.


But outside of Marvel and Star Wars it’s a very unvaried collection. Not really surprising and a lot of classics obviously. Their content just really lacks breadth. I mean the film categories (at least on my app) are Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama and Kids. I guess if they can make enough of this type of stuff maybe I could justify it but I think that’s a hard sell against the variety elsewhere (particularly for grittier content). I could see this being a sub for a month once or twice a year to catch up and drop it in between.

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We watched Call of the Wild last night.  Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe some parts maybe upsetting for younger children, even the current MrsT was welling up in some areas.  Would recommend for a rainy day and nothing else to watch.


Do we have an idea when wandavision or the new Falcon series is coming out?  

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And its recommendations are terrible.

I’ve been watching Marvel movies in release order. Just watched Iron Man 3. It’s recommendation for my next watch... the original Iron Man. Generally, not sure going back to the start is typical and I watched it on like Friday!

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It's been a while since I've seen the animated film will enjoy this live-action remake over the weekend. It can't be that bad? The live-action remakes have been pretty watchable if you stop comparing them to the original release.

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14 hours ago, Welrain said:

Exactly..it’s watchable but inferior to the source material because of some unfathomable changes / additions to the plot which actually erases the central message that the original was so well known and lauded for. 

Ok watched it yesterday, where are the songs gone?

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From What I’ve read it will be a free tier as well as the option to opt in for the content to be shown or not (if you don’t want it assessable to the kids) -starts rolling out end of feb 






just saw above post about general price increase - though depending on content still isn’t to bad 

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For someone who thought that Mickey Mouse cartoons were rather too wholesome compared to Bugs Bunny and all the others, I think those recent Mickey Mouse Shorts are pretty excellent.  Nothing like those old cartoons. No sacred cows here.


I see they've got a new series of them up: The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. Should be worth a watch.

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Other announcements:


* Hocus Pocus 2

* New Ice Age movie

* Animated Night at the Museum movie

* "Live-action" Lion King prequel

* Little Mermaid cast announcement

* Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers live-action/animation movie:





* Pinocchio:




* Peter Pan:



* Amy Adams is back for an Enchanted sequel, Disenchantment... sorry that's the Netflix Matt Groening series. I mean Disenchanted.


* Sister Act 3

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