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24 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

Just seen The Wonder Years was on Disney+, but my semi was immediately inverted when I clicked on it to see it was some 2021 guff about a black family.


Um, it's a new version of the show about a black family in the '60's, yes?


Is it any good?

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Oh, I saw that Wonder Years tab after watching Mr Incredible, and I’d assumed it was some sort of amazing Yuletide synchronicity as I happened to see ten minutes of a Christmas movie on C5 last week where WINNIE! was the main businesswoman character who goes home and KEVIN’S DAD! was her father or worked for her or something.


It seems not.

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On 22/12/2021 at 15:43, jon_cybernet said:

Just finished Dopesick. Brilliant bit of television, hope it wins all the awards. So disgusting how the opioid crisis happened, fuelled entirely by greed, and entirely unnecessary to begin with. 


I finished it yesterday too, I thought it was fantastic. Brilliant acting throughout by Michael Keaton.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the folk shouting out Mr Inbetween. Would never have picked it up otherwise. Binged 5 episodes on a train journey. 

Funny but pretty serious too, plus some of that enjoyable outside-the-law shenanigans you get in Get Carter, Dead Man’s Shoes, etc. 

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