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Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

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It's a (massive!) standalone 2-Player arcade stick shaped like the Capcom logo. It plugs directly into an HDMI port (plus USB for power supply).


Comes preloaded with 16 games and has in-built WiFi for online leaderboards etc.


It's massive!



Out in October for about £200(!).

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7 minutes ago, parrapatheslapper said:

If this also works on PC and is a decent size I am in.  Surely it would need to be 2 player though?


I guess it ought to plus straight into any HDMI port? Maybe you'll plug a stick directly into a friend's for two player?

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31 minutes ago, Naieve said:

It's a shame a lot of the games I'd really want are the ones that were excluded from the Capcom Walk and Brawl collection due to licensing issues :( . Although there were a bunch of great shmups as well.


Alien Vs Predator seems likely so hopefully they'll have some of the other licenses.




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20 minutes ago, Jolly said:

The £200 suggested in that Nintendo Life article seems rather ambitious. 


Yeah I'd basically want it to work as a controller for all of the current consoles for that price. If it's easy to mod with a load of other games it might be a nice alternative to those Pandora boxes since you can be more confident it's genuine.


I do wish the announcement was a new Capcom vs Capcom fighting game instead though, haha.



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for less than 200 you can get a Pandora box twin stick set up with HDMI and a couple of thousand games though and I imagine inside will be just some sort of single board android thing just like the Pandoras (and NES, SNES, NeoGeo and Playstation minis)

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Seems kind of weird when they just released the bmup bundle last year. Alternatively - if they're milking their fans with as many collections as they can dream up - it's an ingenious move. Whatever it is, I'm hoping for multiplayer options and decent netcode. :) 

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