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Assetto Corsa Competizione | Season 14 Round 5 | GT3 Sprint @ Donington


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And I've been spoiled by ACC with regards to FFB. Nothing comes close. 😓


In other news...Erik and I will be partaking in a 6h race today. Race starts at 5pm UK time. Hopefully I will feel fresh enough to do it. 😅


I'll try to stream it.

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7 minutes ago, Meers said:

And I've been spoiled by ACC with regards to FFB. Nothing comes close. 😓



Have you tried the latest AMS2 release (1.4 I think) - the FFB is great. I'd go as far as to say better than ACC under braking. 


8 minutes ago, milko said:

Hmm, was going to say AMS2 in something forgiving would make a nice change but only if we have the numbers. If not, cup cars also fun!


I'd be up for that, and likewise, happy with ACC Cup cars.


I've not played RaceRoom for ages but still have it installed. :) 

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I've reinstalled AMS2 again! Curious to sample its improvements. 


We finished 7th in the endurance race last night, after a P6 start. It was a full wet race, and in the opening phase of the race Erik had a few unexplainable offs, and got brake checked what caused him to go off again. Track limits on Paul Ricard are really harsh, especially with a canal for a racing surface. So eventually he got a DT (but who didn't in that race?).


At the end of his double stint it was my turn for a double stint. I think we were in P13 at that point, and I struggled to find the proper lines at first. I quickly gathered 2 track limit warnings, which was a wake up call to be more careful. Erik gave me some coaching whist I tried my best to implement that. It went better, and I had some decent pace. But the weather physics and my own ineptitude caused me to lose control a couple of times as well. Eventually I got a DT too, cleared it and put my head down. Managed to do quite a few overtakes and gain a couple of positions again. There were a couple of cars standing on the track at the beginning of the long back straight which I clipped trying to avoid one, I spun, and carried on with a bit of damage. I think we were P10 when we swapped seats again. 


Erik then did some awesome driving in the last 1.5h remaining. He and the Macca gelled a bit better (he loathes the Macca) and he managed to finish in 7th place. Not bad, but we could have done so much better.


Still, I had loads of fun. I love rainy conditions in this game, and I really have increased my pace with these races. Absolutely loving it!


We went through my graphics again before the race (to make sure I  wouldn't have any performance issues). So now it's:


Mirrors off.

FSR on - instant 100fps.

All settings maxed out (except shadows) - 90fps.


So 30fps overhead, capped to 60 with V-synch. With a full field and rain fx it never dropped below 60. And the game looks like I've not seen before on my PC!




Clip of my stint coming soon.

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1 hour ago, SneakyNinja said:

Ooooh. Who's going full three pedals and H-shifter?


Unfortunately not. I removed the clutch pedal so I'm going to use the sequential stick shifter.


Also, the game didn't record my stint from last night, so no video of that alas.

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8 hours ago, davejm said:

Looks like @Valver has set up an event for Thursday, so AMS2 it is :)




Looking forward to this!!



"build it and they will come" was my thinking!


I hope a few people register - as its a great combo.  Lets hope simracing.gp manages to get the server working OK for us.  Dave can you cast your beady eye over the settings I've plugged in, just check I haven't done anything too stupid.  Wasn't sure on fuel use/pitstops for example.  Ideally I just want a race with no stops.


I'll be three pedalling it - It needs a bit of practice in VR to work out where the gear shifter is with muscle memory alone.


edit:  note this is for Donington National - the shorter circuit that has a chicane at the end of the back straight, that then leads over the start finish.  Dont try and go left onto the back loop 😄 

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41 minutes ago, davejm said:

I got as far as enabling the practice server but I haven't tried to see if it works yet.  Are you seeing it and able to join?  If it's working I can then try to get times showing on the website (If I can remember how!)


Yep it works great, I've put some times in last night. But AMS2 doesn't appear to have a built-in leaderboard so I was wondering if we could have them show up in our weekly leaderboard instead. 😅


The car feels really alive! FFB has been updated indeed, as @Valver said. It's going to be a fun race!

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3 minutes ago, davejm said:

Ah good news on the server.  I'll have a play around with getting the results to show.  I managed it when we raced there before.


Yeah, the only hiccup I've seen was when the server name didn't show up. But unlike the last time I played this online, a quick refresh will make it appear again.

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Update on the new house - things are almost sorted and we're due to receive the key on the 4th of November. This one needs a bit more work than the other house (such as the front yard - we want a redesign and a driveway with carport there). Some things inside the house need a bit of modernisation as well (bathroom and toilet). So plenty of work to do!


Here's a couple of shots.















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  • davejm changed the title to Assetto Corsa Competizione | Season 14 Round 5 | GT3 Sprint @ Donington

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