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PlayStation 5 - Next gen is expensive


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18 hours ago, FiveFootNinja said:

Referencing the peer pressure thing though... my mate's son is 6 coming on 7 and apparently most of his mates are already all over Fornite. Feels a bit young but the world has changed I suppose.

I was pretty careful about what games I let them play, I don’t think they’d touched any games with guns in until Fortnite came out and they were 11 and 9 at that point. They mostly played Nintendo stuff before that.


5 hours ago, Dirty Harry Potter said:

I have got kids. But I’m getting the PS5 just for me.... muuhahaha..


They’ll benefit from having games though. My kids friends seem baffled by me having so many games because I’m ten years younger than most of the other parents. They have my hundreds of games to play whenever they want to. I still remember the day my son asked me if I could buy him Captain Toad and I was all “already ordered it made”. 

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So, price and date at the very start or the very end? Going to be one or the other.


Roughly 40 minutes long, then. Not sure how much new stuff they'll be able to cram in around another half-hour of Godfall, but I'm guessing we'll see some 'maybe in 2022' teases, like GoW: Subtitle or a new Naughty Dog IP.


To be honest I'm more curious about things like the UI, service changes, backwards compatibility and the hardware teardown, which will properly be separate videos at a later date. Looking forward to seeing Demon's Souls, though.

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2 hours ago, Popo said:

You’ve got to wonder if this thing was stepped up at short notice, otherwise it would have perhaps clashed with MS’ original schedule. 

They've probably had the whole show ready to go for weeks, apart from the final 2 minutes where they've changed a number.

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On 10/09/2020 at 11:32, Dudley said:


I'm guessing you mean the PS1 -> PS2 generation where they were helped by Sega dropping out and Microsoft being new.


And even then they had a go, remember "Toy Story in real time!"?


There has been 2 successful back-to-back wins in home consoles over the years.


Nintendo with the original Famicom/NES held on with a reduced margin of victory with the Super Famicom/SNES.


Sony did it with the original PlayStation and increased their margin of victory with the PS2.


Depending on how you classify the Nintendo Switch in terms of generations, we might get to see somebody repeat it this upcoming home console generation.



On 10/09/2020 at 10:42, Broker said:

I’m really interested to see what happens if Sony manage to ride out the time until release without doing anything fucking crazy. There’s literally only one generation ever where the previous leader didn’t freak out and do something insane. I really want to know if you can maintain a lead in the generational transition just by not being idiots but the games industry won’t let me find out.


Given how the previous 2 back-to-back wins were achieved, seems the route to victory is bigger,better,more unless the tastes of the market have changed that drastically in the last 15 years.

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10 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

Mark Cerny: “PlayStation five will cost four hundred and “

Obviously Not Mark Cerny: “forty”

Mark Cerny: “nine dollars when it is launched on”

Obviously Not Mark Cerny: “November”

A Third Person For Some Reason: “ninth”.



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