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PlayStation 5 - Next gen is here!

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Just now, Cyhwuhx said:

Preparation tip: install the PS App on your phone and you can log in on the PS5 through a QR-code scan.


Data transfer is rather painless. :)


Do you have to data transfer everything or can you pick and choose?

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Just now, Danster said:


Do you have to data transfer everything or can you pick and choose?


You can choose. There's a "the lot" option or "custom" choice in the setup flow. Also, transferring PS4 data will start only after updating console, controllers, and privacy settings, so hang in there.

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Few teething problems.

Copied Apex to Ps5 and my save game also.

Downloaded a 40gig patch which will not install at all.

I have deleted it and I’m downloading fresh from the store hoping it’s already patched.


another strange thing.

External storage connected.

Goto game library and press options on a game, no option to check for updates.

Run the game and it puts the game in you main taskbar or as you would say “Home Screen” you can now check for updates with the options button.

No way of getting cloud saves to download other than going into the back end of the console.

The cloud saves would download on a game by game basis but refuse to download as a complete library when using select all.

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Playing PS4 games off an external HDD... Been in rest mode and out with no issues.


If I put my ear to the system I might be able to hear a low buzzing. Fan is generally quiet, wouldn't call it silent but it is very quiet. Certainly not the jet engine it replaced! 


So far very happy :)

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I think the issues around isntalling updates and even the data transfer over your own network are being affected by PSN being down or seriously struggling, so I'd hold fire on trying to do things like downloading huge updates or data transfers. I noticed that my updates were not being installed at the point of installation because of not being able to contact the server. I haven't tried going offline yet, will see how that works.


Astro's is fantastic!

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