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Football Kits 2019/20

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1 hour ago, bradigor said:


The good old days, when Kathy Lloyd was helping launch the new kits :lol: 






Thank fuck it is different now.


Kathy Lloyd! Now there's a blast from the past.

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Not feeling our new kits..




Don't like the blue on the away and the home is a take on our late 70s kit but with out the chevrons and a straight like separating the colours rather than an angled one.

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1 hour ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

Not keen on that at all. Not enough blue this season, far too much blue next season. 


Southampton should be relegated for their new kits too. 


Sweet Jesus, that is an abomination. I think Nathan Redmond's reactions below says it all. 



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7 hours ago, Bleeders said:

We’re clearly going for the Bet Lynch look this season.


Third kit, apparently. Hideous.




 I think the overriding issue is Chevrolet's shit logo. It's ruined all of your shirts recently, they'd be fine otherwise.

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*phew* appears the pic I posted is a photoshop so while the kits are supposed to be along those lines, they're not accurate representations of them.


That Southampton home is goppin' but I quite like the away.

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Am I alone in liking the Arsenal one? Not sure how fans of the club would feel about the blue but I’m sure they’ve had it before. Looks good to me, best they've had for ages.  Collar’s a bit shit though. 

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We’re sponsored by McDonald’s betting again so I’ve just been and got a training top from the club shop sale that doesn’t have the god awful looking sponsor logo on it.  Had to get something while we still have a half decent kit manufacturer.



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