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Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Mr Do 71

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2 hours ago, Dave White said:


ps4 for me fella, have to buddy up on this.


I'm in!


I'll send an invite to those other OLD bastards. The good lady wife is out Fri if you or anyone fancies a late co-op blast.

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5 hours ago, Len said:



You should just have preorderd from Amazon then cancelled, I need to do that with every single Ubisoft game as I never get a code from them.


My brother always does though, after all, he has played 3 ubisoft games, I have only played 30.

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This is much better than the Alpha (to be expected) but I'm still quite concerned. It's got the setup of a survival game, with all those health pickups and bandaging animations, yet even on Extreme difficulty, every time I lose health it refills like Master Chief's shield without me needing to use an item. So what's the point? Also if I'm supposed to be scavenging how come I can hold hundreds of rounds of ammo, and how come all loot is marked on the map and HUD, totally unmissable? It's just a boring trudge to pick thing up by following the minimap rather than poking around points of interest hoping to find genuinely needed supplies.


They've fucked the aiming up since Wildlands somehow. It feels floaty and imprecise, more like Red Dead Redemption 2, whereas Wildlands was perfectly calibrated. There are about a billion aiming options which might resolve it but I'm not sure how they've fucked up something that worked so well by default before.


The camera position means your character obscures the action a lot of the time. Again, this was fine in Wildlands! Movement is weightier, which is good, but the walking and running animations are very bizarre.


I like that enemy levels and health meters have been removed but I hope the underlying game has also been tweaked so we're not facing up against bullet sponge enemies wearing nothing more than combat fatigues. The loot and levelling system is my biggest concern - it just doesn't fit with this type of game and feels totally shoehorned in.


They've removed the half-decent chopper controls from Wildlands, leaving only the ultra-simplistic drone-style controls, meaning flying is going to be a bust. Why not improve the original flight model, introducing strafe buttons and a crosshair for aiming, rather than ditch it completely?


I'm still excited to see how it ends up, but I do feel as though Ghost Recon's identity crisis has worsened rather than improved since Wildlands. It doesn't know what it wants to be. A series that started off a realistic military shooter now feels like a Division-style loot game, yet is presenting itself as a semi-realistic survival game.

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Had a good old time with this and look forward to getting stuck in to the release.


A few issues as expected but hope they resolve, carrying bodies, the animation is painfully slow and really affects gameplay, especially if your trying to clear out a base picking off enemies stealthily.


Driving vehicles like Wildlands need refining, handling isn't as bad but still piss poor compared to its peers.


The Pin system and mission structure and menus are really not well explained or implemented. They are going for that Assassins Creed Odyssey explore mode were you are given a rough location of where your objective is and left up to you to discover it. Kind of vague but works. 


With Pob on a few problems such as the looter shooter implementation its basically making it Division Holiday edition but not as slickly done. I do prefer no enemy bars in this series, and had a lovely little tussle with a heavy whose legs were whittled down. Not figured out Gear score effects and can only assume your level allows you to access certain areas to engage enemies the same level. You are warned if you enter an area whose score is much higher, but don't know how you would fair against higher levels if theres no bars or visual cue for damage.


Health and survival is a weird one as Pob mentions, only once did I get into a fight and was badly hurt needing to bandage up a critical injury. I would prefer wounds needing care after healing too if they're going for this survival lark. Food and Water in the beta seem pointless.


Have to say some of the weather effects are utterly amazing, blew a truck up and the rain and wind fanning the flames looked fantastic. playing on ps4 pro.


I still long for the old days of no menus, dropped in survival terrorist hunt kind of play and it is much more akin to this, its actually tough and starting a fight can end in you being hunted well and truly outgunned, flanked and overpowered. 


Had the most fun surgically clearing a large base as is Ubi's forte, but the risk was far more apparent than previous games.


Think co-op will be superb on this, going to try pvp today.




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Apart from a few little bugs this seems like more of the same, as far as coop play goes. Island looks great, grenade explosions are amazing... if there was one little annoyance it was the lean towards crafting/collection/Division style loot (albeit, it seems nowhere near that level of chore).


Voice comms were terrible for us though, which is annoying, so we tried Discord which was also awful last night. Anyone got any other (PC) alternatives for group voice?

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Good write up @Dave White. I give it another little go last night and spent 20 minutes sprinting around the Erehwon dump trying to get back out into the field. When I did I just got in an armoured car and hightailed it towards my next objective, past a couple of patrols who had no hope of stopping me, then decided to go on foot for a bit so at least I felt like I was supposed to be surviving. Was scoping out a little building guarded by some dudes, planning my assault, when a UAV spotted me out of nowhere and a little Hunter Killer drone appeared and killed me. I respawned exactly where I died. I considered going on to my objective but just though 'what's the point?' and put Metro Exodus back on.


It's so frustrating that they make these incredible-looking GR games and then dilute what should be tense, tactical, immersive survival gameplay with a load of superfluous shit that just takes you out of the game. Wildlands and this both need a 'realistic' or 'hardcore' mode that actually use all those systems and mechanics that do exist within the game, and bring them to life. Wildlands eventually got a the promising Ghost Mode about two years after release but it came with mandatory permadeath that wiped your entire progress. Given that all GR fans want something that feels more realistic and tactical I'm surprised they didn't include that mode from the start this time that does away with all the extra cruft.


Wildlands sold like the clappers. It'll be interesting to see how this fares now it's been weighed down with the latest Ubisoft fad of loot mechanics and stats grafted all over it. Are people getting sick of this stuff appearing in every game? I certainly am.


Meh, I'm probably just bitter at the direction they've chosen to go in with this and all their games. I used to be the biggest Ubisoft fan but this craze for percentages, buffs, stats and loot just leaves me totally cold. It only detracted from Assassin's Creed Origins in my opinion and turned a fairly immersive series into something that felt really gamey. I just hope it doesn't ruin Watch Dogs Legion as well.

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2 hours ago, Danster said:


Voice comms were terrible for us though, which is annoying, so we tried Discord which was also awful last night. Anyone got any other (PC) alternatives for group voice?



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