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Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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42 minutes ago, Stevie said:

Ubisoft have developed a business model and they apply it to all their games, only it gets worse for each game. 

When you are offered “time savers” for  “convenience” doesn’t it ring any bells?

I'm not offered anything. If it wasn't for people in here getting so worked up about it, I never would have even known the game had microtransactions.


The things on offer aren't even time savers, I can buy them all with the in game currency which is plentiful. I have over 18000 skell credits from playing, which would cost £15 to buy from the store. I've already bought the pink and purple paint for my weapons, I restocked some drone shots and I don't really even have anything else that I need to spend this fake currency on, let alone real cash.


You don't buy weapons because the game has almost Borderlands level of gun drops (see my point earlier about needing paint jobs to transfer). There's nothing in the store that requires this narrative of most evil microtransactions ever.


I would advise steering clear of YouTube clickbait videos.

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If you can ignore the microtransactions, they're not aimed at you. But at people susceptible to that shit. Casinos don't force anyone to enter and gamble either, you can easily ignore that shit - and yet there are people sucked into that bullshit and getting addicted. The existence of these cynical 'time savers' in itself is consumer unfriendly.

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But what timesavers? The only ones I can see are weapon upgrade parts, which you get from dismantling weapons, which the game gives you too frequently as it is meaning you have all the weapon upgrade parts you could possibly use anyway. Especially as getting to Mk2/3 is gated behind skill unlocks.


That's without even getting into the fact that they don't even advertise the real money store, it's tucked away in a random unlabeled tab. For an evil group trying to con people to spend money on microtransactions, they're doing a real shit job of it.

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1 hour ago, Dave White said:

There is something loose and floaty about them in first person and when up close and recoil comes in you cant seem to track targets accurately, feels like deadzones are maxed and the crosshair is dragging .   I'm sure i'll get something with more tinkering in the end but compared with the division it shouldn't be this vague out the box. 


What's especially weird is that Ubisoft are the masters of open-world third-person controls, and the aiming was perfectly calibrated in Wildlands, which is the same engine! I dunno how they've fucked up the defaults so much in this.

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The initial omghorror posts re: microtransactions from people who havent played the game seem to be swinging back now that people have gone hands on and not knee jerk reacting


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1 hour ago, mechamonkey said:

The initial omghorror posts re: microtransactions from people who havent played the game seem to be swinging back now that people have gone hands on and not knee jerk reacting


That's not entirely surprising is it? This thread shows that from brexit down, nobody wants to listen to people who have experience with a situation and instead will double down on ignorance.


The game actually has some pretty serious design flaws and terrible bugs. People should be going at the game for being unpolished not for some made up bogeyman.

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34 minutes ago, Dave White said:

has there been a patch today? Chopper controls feel better and I had tin keyed with them.

Can't you check it yourself?

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7 minutes ago, Hitcher said:

Can't you check it yourself?


my internet was off <_<


Ok so control fiasco day 2.


this has made it better.


aim assist on


crosshair snap 100


crosshair magnetism 100

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint: Mission Briefing


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint is a military shooter set in a diverse, hostile, and mysterious open world that can be played entirely solo or in four-player co-op. Injured, lost without support, and hunted down by ex-Ghosts, players must fight to survive in Auroa. Players must plan their moves carefully and decide how to take down their toughest enemies.



Players will start by choosing among thousands of customization combinations to create their perfect Ghost. Every aspect of the Ghost is customizable.

Next, players will find themselves on Auroa, an island on a remote archipelago in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean near the South Pole. Auroa is the home of Silicon Valley giant, Skell Technology. Here, players can make adjustments to their Ghost, from their appearance to their skills. Players can select from thousands of combinations of gear, upgradable weapons, and a new class system that lets players prioritize stealth, range, or assault.

There will be 20 provinces to explore at launch, from the highest fjords and snowy peaks to the deepest swamps. In these provinces, you will meet different characters and factions that will impact your mission to liberate Auroa from the control of the Wolves.

Led by an ex-brother-in-arms, Colonel Cole D. Walker, the Wolves are a lethal ex–US military unit gone rogue, and they are ready to use the most effective killing machines to take Ghosts down. The Wolves have the same training and experience as Ghosts, and they have seized the archipelago of Auroa, taking control of the drones, the most important resource on the island.



The Wolves and the varied terrains of Auroa will put your survival skills to the test. Here are ten tips to get you started:


Ensure Ghosts stay in good health by attending to injuries.


Make the most out of your bivouac. Craft items, apply temporary buffs, or fast travel to the next point of interest. The bivouac is ideal to prepare for missions.


Adjust the loadout according to your playstyle.


Stop by Maria’s Shop to help with character progression and to sell and buy new weapons, vehicles, and gear. It can be accessed on-the-go directly via the bivouac.


Equip your most needed tool and items to your inventory wheel, accessible through the inventory menu.


To become a stealthy Ghost, pace the fight by moving silently, staying in cover, and keeping an eye on health levels.


Try out new tools and features like prone camo to stay in stealth or the mini drone to sync shot several targets.


Remember, to each situation its tools. It’s easier to fight a behemoth with an EMP or a rocket launcher.


Complete challenges by reaching class ranks that will allow players to get class proficiencies and help them become more familiar with the class of their choice. 


And finally, don’t forget that players can play all of this in co-op!

For strategies, tips, and walkthroughs for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, take a look at the community creations shared on  Gameplan.


Objectives Board

In addition to the main story campaign, there will be plenty of activities in Auroa. The Objective Board keeps track of the objectives players are currently pursuing by pinning them to their board.



In the bivouac, set up camp with teammates, plan for missions, fine-tune strategies, and manage equipment, class, and weapons. Additionally, players can spawn vehicles and access the shop to buy or sell items using Skell credits. Unlock more bivouacs by scanning it with binoculars or a drone, which allows players to travel quickly across Aurora.



Character creation is the first customization step. You can also customize weapons via the Gunsmith.

With the new Gunsmith and weapon system, you will feel how each attachment changes and how the gun operates. The new Weapon Mark and dismantle systems have been implemented to further improve this experience. Each weapon has a specific Weapon Mark progression system with small stat upgrades and passives tied to it.

This feature provides a layer of additional depth for players who love to customize their weapons.

You can save different loadouts for different scenarios and switch between saved loadouts to accommodate your approach towards each mission.

Weapons customization will not be limited to attachments as you can choose different paints for each weapon attachment individually.



Social Hub

Erewhon is the starting point for new missions. It’s where you can view the mission intel, hang with other Ghosts, and upgrade or buy new gear and weapons.


Faction Missions

Starting at launch, you will have access to 14 new faction missions every day. These missions provide various objectives to support the factions as they evolve.



At launch, you will be able to choose between 4 available classes by unlocking them from the Skill Tree:


Class Technique – True Grit:

Recoil reduction and damage resistance.

Kills, heal, and extend duration.

Class Item – Gas Grenade: 

Hand-thrown area control device.

Deals damage over time.

Class Proficiencies:

Extra health.

Bonuses with assault rifles and shotguns.



Class Technique – Armor Buster:

High-penetration bullets with bonus damage and muzzle velocity.

Class Item – Sensor launcher:

Launched device that marks enemies in a large area.

Class Proficiencies:

Longer breath control while aiming.

Bonuses with sniper rifles and DMR.



Class Technique – Cloak & Run: 

Disappear behind a smoke screen.

Class Item – Cloaking Spray:

Self-use that renders user undetectable by drones.

Class Proficiencies:

Bonus health.

Faster movement speed.

Suppressors on handguns and submachine guns do not reduce damage output.

Bonuses with assault rifles and shotguns.


Field Medic

Class Technique – Healing Drone:

Heals and revives friendly teammates.

Class Item – Medkit:

Hand-deployable device that heals injuries and gain extra health.

Class Proficiencies: 

Faster revive.

Carry bodies faster.

Can self-revive.



Ghost War is a unique and exciting PvP mode built from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands. It was improved based on more than a year of learning and feedback.

You will fight and adapt with your unit in 4v4 intense tactical matches in open and diverse environments. Communication and teamwork are key to taking down elite soldiers in an epic showdown.

Two game modes will be available at launch in Ghost War: Elimination and Sabotage.


Elimination: A 4v4 death match team mode with a tactical twist. In this mode, players will hunt down and eliminate the enemy team.


Sabotage: A 4v4 game mode where one team tries to plant a bomb while the other team tries to defuse it.

By implementing a 4v4 design in both PvE and PvP, Ghosts can switch modes to test their skills in both environments while keeping the same character and the same progression. At launch, 6 tailor-made PvP maps will test players’ teamwork. Let’s see who the best of the best really are!



We are happy to announce that photo mode will be available in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch! Access it by activating the photo mode first. To do that, go to menu, options, and then settings. Here’s you’ll see the photo mode options.

Once activated, you can switch to photo mode by pressing F4 on PC, and by pressing L3+R3 on consoles.

Your photos will be stored on your console’s hard drive. You can check our PlayStation®4 system guide and Xbox One guide to learn more on how to access your screenshots.

Share your creations using the hashtag, #GRBPhotomode.



Year 1 for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint starts at launch with Operation Greenstone. Here’s a preview of what we have planned over the next year!


Factions in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will evolve starting at launch. Two narrative missions every three weeks will provide an evolving story.




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im a grumpy fucker with sub par games, I have no time or patience for them, even AAA games that feel lazy and just boring, I abandon. 

This is 2019's fallout 76 backlash scapegoat, however its not in that league and if it was I wouldn't bother.


Have to say before the patch which has sorted the ADS greatly I was struggling, and was getting frustrated and losing most close quarter gun battles and doing my nut in.Needless to say the negative of the controls has been refined greatly and ive finally found settings  that work and im thoroughly enjoying it.


yep there's a few bugs, sound, ghost guns on loadup, but nothing is spoiling my enjoyment, ghost creed is offering some real fun.




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I am massively enjoying this :)

Wildlands 2 basically, plenty of bugs (just as Wildands has) but nothing hampering the fun, quite the opposite really, the jank is adding to the shenanigans

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We had great fun on this yesterday;. In someways it’s improved the Wildlands template and in others it’s a retrograde step. 

The world is more empty is this one with less people and less of the random (if repeated missions) than WL. But conversely they’ve added a lot more variety and detail to the bases. It’s here that the fun still is; working as a team and cleaning out the bad guys. Some of the missions are long and a pain to repeat so we bumped it down to arcade and it didn’t diminish the fun of the combat and picking up the loot.


The biggest problem we had with it was often trying to coordinate so we were in the sane mission. I don’t k is whether it was a bug on one but we must of spent half an hour pinning and unpinning missions to get ourselves on the same objective.


The world is huge and often gorgeous and there’s a load of fun to be had here but there are a lot of basic quality of life stuff / traversal that is poor and the cutscenes and script are woeful that I’ve just skipped them all.


The preseason stuff made this out to be a gritty tooled up Bear Grylls survival,  combat experience that was literally muck and bullets, but I’ve not crafted a thing, only roll in the mud to hide from choppers and only bivouac as a means of fast travel now that I’d seen I’d only unlocked 10% of the world in a day..


I’d recommend playing it if you liked the Wildlands template but as they said on Giant Bomb it’s as if corporate came in and made the whole thing accessible and super casual rather than doubling down on making this a more hardcore military game as there still hints of ideas there, but they aren’t fully formed as game mechanics.

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