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PlayStation gets its own movie studio


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Sony are launching PlayStation Productions to develop games into movies and TV shows. They reckon they can do a better job than licencing stuff to other studios who don't understand the games. I'm not sure if it will make the difference they say it will though.


The studio is being headed by Asad Qizilbash and overseen by Shawn Layden.

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It's possible they missed your posts about it.


There's not enough story in most games for a TV series, is there? There's barely enough for a film for most of them. The story in, say, God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty padded out so that you have enough game to play. Not sure that works in passive TV. Film makes more sense to me, especially now when you don't really have to put them in cinemas. Or very short-form TV. They have the flexibility to just make the correct length content in way neither "TV" nor cinema encourage.

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3 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:

I don't know why they're going for movies, I've said for ages that longform TV series would be a better fit for games.


A decent budgeted TV show would probably be a rounding error in most videogame budgets these days, and act as marketing.

They’re doing both. 

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