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Playdate-A new handheld console thingy


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Hello. We made a brand new handheld gaming system.

It’s yellow. It fits in your pocket. It’s got a beautiful black and white screen. It’s not super cheap, but not super expensive. It includes brand new games from some amazing creators. Plus it has a crank.




Seems odd. But the sort of odd that interests me. So yay for that. 


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£150 (likely) for 12 boutique game experiences with no guarantee of additional games or ‘seasons’ to run on the undoubtedly lovely hardware? Hmmm.


I wish it luck, and they’ll sell everyone they make, but not sure why this rather than spending £150 on Switch games... Maybe the Edge piece will change my mind.


Few title screens:


PNG image 2.png

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It needs a Resident Evil game based entirely around crank puzzles.


But yeah, it would take a lot to convince me I should get a new handheld device for this sort of thing. I'm intrigued by the delivery model though, with games coming in 'seasons'. Be interesting to see how that goes.

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27 minutes ago, chris on the moon said:


we must have ran out of things to be excited about.

This seems particularly snooty. 


I mean, it seems a bit gimmicky to me, but surely it's just as valid to getting excited about this as any other equivalent waste of time / money? :p

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The big downside of this thing for me is that it seems it will only be getting a once off bunch of games, as opposed to any sort of ongoing support, which combined with the price, sort of pushes it into "hipster novelty" territory.


 That said, I think there's something to be said for the crank idea and other input methods that are a bit more physical than just pressing down a button/thumbstick.


When you play old arcade games like marble madness with the trackball or Major Havok with the roller and then play them on a console/mame or whatever, you realise how much of the unique feel of the experience and the resulting excitement is lost when you replace that physical interaction with just moving your thumb on a d-pad/analogue stick.


Just making the motions with modern vr controllers and wiimotes etc doesn't quite cut it either, because of the lack of feedback.


I miss the late 90s fishing rods, maraccas, arcade games where you ride a horse or cycle a bike etc.


Obviously there's a big difference in scale between that and a crank on a handheld, but I'm in favour of any sort of attempt to make input more physical than moving your thumbs and try inputs other than d-pad,buttons, shoulder triggers and 2 analogue sticks.

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