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Playdate-A new handheld console thingy


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  • 3 weeks later...
19 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

Teardown is up, as promised you replace the battery by undoing the flathead screws on the back, lifting a “breaking the insides voids your warranty” sticker, and unplugging it:




I sa this and just had to question myself on if I had ordered one or not... I did 😛

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just noticed I got an email on the 10th that doesn't explicitly say that my 2022 order won't ship early but gives a very strong impression that's the case. 


Does take the lustre off the whole shebang a bit, but feel like I've spent the money now so I think I'm going stick with it. 

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I’m still commiserating that I managed to get the preorder page up on my phone, on public transport, put in all the payment and delivery details, then got screwed over by the third party payment system. Got an apologetic email from Panic last week, but, well, it doesn’t help me buy a Playdate. 

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  • 1 month later...

Just got a Playdate owners email - yeah, that title isn't going to go down well seeing as it's all news about further delays!


I'm in Group #3 which is now Late 2022 and Group #1 is Early 2022.


Bet that speaker doesn't go out for pre-order until 2024.

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Yeah it’s a bummer. I’m group 2 so early 2022. About a 3 month delay I guess. 

I guess it’s not surprising though and at least they spotted it. 

(The delay in part is caused by a battery issue but the longer delays are caused by chip shortages so they’ve had to do a main board redesign for further units)


Shame I won’t have it for Christmas but I’m not too fussed. 

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50 minutes ago, gingerling said:

I bet they get a lot of cancellations today! I know it can’t be helped but customers can be unforgiving.

Maybe. If you’re in for this sort of thing you’re in though. 3 months won’t make that much difference. 

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1 hour ago, therearerules said:

Getting alarm bells from that update. Late stage component swaps and issues from unknown causes don't fill me with faith.

They’re swapping the CPU because the other one is out of stock and the batteries because their existing supplier sent them a load of garbage, how is that “unknown reasons”?

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Presumably Alex did, given Panic wrote


As our first 5,000 finished Playdate units arrived at our warehouse in California for 2021, we began to test a few of them. We quickly became concerned that some of them weren’t giving us the battery life we expected. Playdate’s battery is designed to last a very long time, and always be ready for you, even if not used for a while. But that was not the case: in fact, we found a number of units with batteries so drained, Playdate wouldn’t power on at all — and couldn’t be charged. That’s a battery worst-case scenario.

This quickly turned into a months-long, all-hands-on-deck research stress-ball, and we halted production at the factory.

The conclusion?

We made the difficult, expensive decision to replace all of our existing batteries with brand new ones, from a totally different battery supplier.

It was extra frustrating, because when we built our Developer Preview units, the exact same type of batteries worked just fine — but something, somewhere (we're researching) changed between then and now, and the new ones did not work just fine. We have no time to waste, so we’re moving on.


Which can be more succinctly written as

1 hour ago, Alex W. said:

their existing supplier sent them a load of garbage


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2 minutes ago, deerokus said:

What does it need a battery for? Most of the people buying it are going to use it as an ornament.

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the pre-orders were made under the assumption the device would become a gaming rarity in the future.

Anyway, time for the obligatory use of the wallet inspector meme image…


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