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Playdate-A new handheld console thingy


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On 27/10/2022 at 19:23, deKay said:

Well, the birdy photo game means I no longer have a Playdate as my daughter has stolen it.


Should the console ever return to my hands, what games should I be putting on here?

There’s a birthday photo game?

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Some great little games on Itch https://itch.io/search?q=%23playdate


Personal favourites:


• Fish 'n Feathers – Pyoro from WarioWare
• Loopsy – An excellent puzzle gameased on Loops for the Atari ST

• Grimoire – Mini Minesweeper

• Eyeland - a tiny island adventure

• Music Box – A crank-driven music box with editor



I have no idea what Wastebraver is, but it's from the Necro Crisis team and looks impressive, though a long way off release.







EDIT: Fixed autocorrect on EYELAND

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Gosh this is lovely. It’s really hard to communicate how nice the screen is. It’s not black and white, it’s black and quicksilver. And the initial two games are great demonstrations: an endless dexterity game and a full-on RPG with a cute gameplay/visual gimmick.



Interactive depth of field effects on a 2D game with 1-bit graphics is delightful!

My only dislike is that the d-pad isn’t quite Nintendo in responsiveness, especially that “up” feels different because they’ve had to be clever in engineering the parts to fit it in next to the screen. (Think the square button on the original PSP.) It’s not a bad d-pad by any means though.


Is there a good third party case? I’ll be toting this in my inside jacket pocket in the Cover naturally, but it would be nice to have something to wrap it up in for longer trips.

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Genuine question here 


I am order 28146 but I’m not in the 20000 batch. I’m group 4 in the 30000 batch. 

why does that not make sense?


im partially drunk and I want my play date thank you please 

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