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Great lines in videogaming.

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14 hours ago, Nick R said:


Ghandi in one of the Civilisation games?

 Rikumaru, having killed Echigoya, the evil merchant, in the first level of the first Tenchu game.


I think Ayame says something different.

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Conkers Bad Fur Day had quite a few .. memorable.. lines! 
The cream on the top for me was getting the word "Twat" past Nintendo.
Back then, even with an M rating, swearing in a game was unusual but swearing in a Nintendo game? As it happened NOA did not seem to know what that particular word meant (this is back in 2000ish), so although the F word (and some of the B words) were beeped, the UKs snappiest curse word was squeezed in no less than FOUR times :)



"How about some scat, you little twat?"
"You twat!! Don't ever do that again. Now f**k off!"
"Twattin' shite! That's tossed it right up the arse."
"An elephant. You stupid twat."

As an aside, Microsoft had learnt the word later so when it came to Live And Reloaded, the Twat was gone forever..

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1 hour ago, Masu said:

It was a second party game, if we are being picky- they part owned Rare back then.


Yes, but they purposefully stepped aside and had nothing to do with it.

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54 minutes ago, deKay said:


Yes, but they purposefully stepped aside and had nothing to do with it.

Rare self published a few titles but Nintendo were a part of them all, including through the Test process in addition to the cert process.

So they were well aware of the Twats, they merely thought them minor enough to ignore completely.

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