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Elden Ring - chortlesome japes


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On 05/11/2021 at 20:38, Uncle Nasty said:

The horse jumping mechanic "stress free traversal of areas with a great deal of verticality" looked really shoehorned in and clumsy.


15 hours ago, kensei said:

I am concerned about the mad horse jumps; if the world was a proper thought out space, and the environment a critical piece of design, how do you wind up needing them?


Must admit the horse jumping bits are a bit jarring, its makes the traversal a bit artificial and not part of natural exploration.  I believe they are considered quick travel areas. I avoid quick travel in games myself as I love the exploration nature of gaming as you tend to miss stuff you would naturally discover.  I want my 30 mins climbing animation or hour journey across the map thank you!  But everything else is spot on.

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Don't know what platform I'm getting this for. Xbox so I can play upstairs and down, and long term access being far better or PlayStation for the triggers and controller. 

Normally From games are on my PlayStation, so I’m more used to the controls…

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On 07/11/2021 at 16:14, Minion said:


LOL! Don't be ridiculous.


Knew someone would pick up on this. I meant in world design. DS2 is particularly janky overall, but I have a soft spot for it. DS3 is fine, but the warp right at the start epitomises where it went wrong.

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7 minutes ago, Hawklord said:

Got one (PS5) :omg:


Edit: Baws, just noticed the times 😕 


Session 1 I'm at work

Session 2 I'll be asleep

Session 3 No way will my missus let me play anything on a Sat evening

Session 4 Might be possible

Session 5 Asleep again



The solution is no sleep

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