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Elden Ring - E3 2021 Trailer in First Post


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23 hours ago, Eighthours said:

Finish the fucking books FFS, George!

Damn right!


Wish he would stop fecking about with all these side projects. Although, if it gives him time to gestate a different story arc than the TV series I would be a happy man otherwise there will be no surprises reading it.

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13 hours ago, Vemsie said:


This really is quite remarkable. Some devs struggle to release one game this gen, but From will have released 5 before this gen is done, 4 of which are new IP. And on top of that, they released Scholar of the First Sin and a couple of substantial DLC, including The Old Hunters, arguably the greatest DLC ever made. I hope they'll announce Sekiro DLC later this year, if I may be selfish.


It's crazy how a niche Japanese developer became one of the highest-rated studios around, selling millions of titles that buck industry trends and now they're headlining E3 with a game George R.R. Martin contributed to.



Miyazaki is a living legend.


Also, they probably don't stop working...ever. Going by well know Japanese work ethic issues. 

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4 hours ago, BadgerFarmer said:

I wouldn't mind if they slowed down a bit. I'd like to see them manage the really intricate design of Dark Souls again, and even that had an area that felt unfinished.


Theyve apparently been working on this on this for three years. Which would mean that the bulk of the team is probably the people who made Bloodborne.


1 hour ago, Kevvy Metal said:


Also, they probably don't stop working...ever. Going by well know Japanese work ethic issues. 


Even then though, if Nintendo were putting out good games that fast it would be impressive and they’re massive. In terms of quality and output they almost match all Sony’s firstparty studios. It’s incredible.

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1 hour ago, Minion said:

Just read that interview linked to in the tweet, the game sounds immense, Dark Souls x Skyrim is what I took away from it.


Or DS x BotW. The idea of a world where there is a ton to uncover, tied to castles and other structures that have From's meticulous level design is mighty appealing.

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On 08/06/2019 at 09:06, Qazimod said:

I personally can’t wait for any shred of creativity this game shows to be crushed by fans hell-bent on calling it “Norse Souls”, making tenuous links to previous From titles and failing to celebrate a game’s individuality!





6 hours ago, robdood said:

That imagery is so Souls, though. 


4 hours ago, Vemsie said:


Or DS x BotW.


5 hours ago, jonamok said:





Darkrim? Maybe not.





I'm just kidding of course. :D I'd like to hope that there's a little more nuance between From's various series and they don't just churn out the same thing every few years, but in terms of ER it's still early...


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