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Elden Ring - Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion Announced


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2 minutes ago, scoobysi said:

Can you summon specific friends to help or is it just randoms? I’ve never used it in Demon’s Souls.


You've been able to summon specific friends in all recent soulsborne games with a password so yeah.

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2 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:


About the difficulty:


  Reveal hidden contents

Video reviewer said he was stuck on the third boss for 24 hours, took 70 tries, had to grind levels and still only barely made it through. Mentions one hit kills.


Massive gulp.

I mean, that’s kind of what I’m here for.  Christ that must have felt good on completion.

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37 minutes ago, Mystacon said:

Reviews in 45 mins. Anyone steering clear of them completely?


Skillup has said his will be spoiler free so I might just listen to it to stoke that hype machine.

I've skipped all the recent footage like the launch trailer and overview trailer and I'll probbaly just look at the scores and conclusions of these reviews. The less you know about these games, the better.

But I'm curious to see if it tops Bloodborne as their highest rated game yet.

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The closing paragraph from that Eurogamer review. Don't worry, no spoilers. 


All that said, Elden Ring remains a glorious game, one that established fans are going to savour for some time to come, and one that may just welcome new fans into the FromSoft fold. Sumptuous visual design, dark and detailed lore and a vast-but-intricate open world are reason enough to venture out into the Lands Between. Add to that FromSoftware's unforgiving and unforgettable gameplay loop and this is something truly special.

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4 minutes ago, Stopharage said:

The Guardian calling it an 'Unrivalled Masterpiece'. Possible hyperbole alert below:-


Video games can be all kinds of different things, representing all manner of artistic ambitions. Most, however, share a common goal: to conjure a compelling fictional reality, filled with beckoning mysteries, enchanting secrets, and enriching opportunities to compete and collaborate. They aim to provide a liminal space in which a determined player can fix that which is broken, order that which is chaotic. By this definition, at least, Elden Ring is the finest video game yet made. Its final gift is the assurance that, whatever monsters lurk in a broken world, with perseverance and cooperation, they too can be overcome – all without losing the mystery and wonder that makes our existence beguiling, infuriating, and fascinating.


Love a bit of hyperbole, me.

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