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Elden Ring - Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion Announced


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15 minutes ago, Curtis said:

💪 I never stay up for midnight launches, but the next 3 hours i spend in the character customisation and stat deliberation (before i pass out) will save me valuable time tomorrow.


This is me, almost time to go in

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Just helped someone out with jolly cooperation, then beat the boss myself solo on the fourth or fifth go.



In the catacombs near the starting area - The Eldtree Burial Watchdog, I think it was called.


I got a spirit item from it, but nothing else, from what I could see. It was a good fight, anyway.


Heart racing, palms sweaty. It's good to be back!

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I didn't play the network test. I did watch a couple of videos of gameplay from the test, but not too much. I basically have only the vaguest idea what I'm in for. Holy Christ, I'm hyped.


I've made a cup of tea. I've fully juiced my vape.







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58 minutes ago, Radish said:

Surely everyone has an SSD by now? 165mb/sec, definitely faster than downloading for me!


55 minutes ago, Padaxes said:

 I need a better SSD - 92mb/s



.... then it said 100% 

then... 46 / 49GB


I knew these games were harsh , but come on! 


52 minutes ago, robdood said:

I'm using an ssd, fastest it's peaking is about 50. It's an older drive tho

My 980 Pro was unpacking at 500-600MB/s :hat: 


Now bedtime :( 

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21 minutes ago, Len said:


Has to be coffee for me if on any menu. They don't bloody do it over here, if you ask for coffee cake you get cake that goes with coffee, usually fruit. WTF is that all about?!?





I've never seen coffee cake there but, for me, that is a bonus as I am not a big fan of coffee in anything other than (hot) drink format. That said, I done;t think I've had coffee cake since I was a kid and I very much did not like coffee at all back then so I may need to revisit it. If there is a carrot cake option though coffee cake is never getting a look in.


I am quite surprised that the US isn't into coffee cake as coffee has always seemed popular enough over there and I imagine there are plenty of folk into cake too so it seems a mash up they could really be into.

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I’ve had just over 4 hours with it and apparently I need to sleep now. I’ve done one mini dungeon and boss, found several others and am just pootling around the first area. My god, it’s huge! Lots of weird, aggressive, scary enemies. Horseback combat is brilliant. Jumping! Sneaking! I’ve gone samurai, and the special attack you can do while double-handing, where he puts the sword in the sheath before unleashing the pain feels totally boss. 

Yea, I’m loving this. 

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Just titting around in the starting room pressing all the buttons. Feels and looks great. As @Cyhwuhxsaid - so familiar but so new. Having a jump and crouch feels very trad (I know there was a jump in DS but not so immediately accessible).


Feels very slick and smooth on PS4. No idea what the frame rate is, but it’s above what my eyes can detect as being fine. 

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It's fucking brilliant. Got its hooks into me from the off. I usually have some tat playing on a second screen whilst I game, was watching Scream. That shit's been turned right off and it's gloomy ambient lighting and bags of game atmosphere only. 


As has been said, it's familiar but very different. Game's fresh as fuck.

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