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Call of Duty - Modern Warfare


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1 hour ago, Mugman said:

So I've just got this and it's installing on my terrible 10mbps internet. Am I able to play the campaign once that part's installed or is it going to be a long old wait for the whole thing?

No, you need to get the 76GB part first.

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Holy shit, the campaign. Playing on PS4 on a 55" Sony OLED and it looks insane, not just the sheer scale and bombast of it all, but the subtle lighting and absolutely crazy minute attention to detail everywhere  - every level is like being in a movie. CoD campaigns are their own thing and not really comparable to much else, the way it's so story driven and linear is quite unique for an FPS. I definitely prefer this way of doing things than having a massive open map with loads of stuff to collect and side objectives. They really do go out of their way to keep it varied and interesting with different characters, weapons, gadgets and locations constantly thrown at you. I just can't help getting swept along by it and enjoying the ride. Perfect to blast through on a rainy day, not everything has to be a 50 hour epic to be worth your time.


The TV I've got has Sony Acoustic Surface - that means the entire screen is a speaker, instead of using external speakers or a sound bar. Where there is action happening onscreen is where you hear it coming from. So if there's an explosion top right of the screen, that's where the sound will be emitted from. When you're behind cover and it's being chipped away with bullets and debris flying past you and choppers flying overhead with troops screaming and shooting it sounds absolutely incredible, it's like being in the middle of the action. Never experienced anything like it.



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1 hour ago, Dave White said:

maps are utterly sublime, even picaddilly which I thought looked dull as fuck from the videos is such a tactical masterpiece and forces a slower style of play.


Gun game is the best addition to this series ever, has the tension of pubg end game. 


Nipped out and bought it on strength of this post. Best be good, Dave.


Really looking forward to playing it next week when it's downloaded.

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