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Call of Duty - Modern Warfare


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  • 2 weeks later...

This is my most anticipated game after playing the alpha and I'm really looking forward to the beta this weekend. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, trying to decide which edition to go for, as there's no season pass or map packs I think I'll stick with the standard edition.  

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If anybody ends up with a spare code for the PS4 I'd love one thanks.


I've pre-ordered from Amazon and registered the code from Amazon on the Call of Duty site but I've received nothing from that.


My friend did the same and he got his code. :huh:


Sorted a code out now. If my other code turns up I'll dish it out here. :D

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this really is the reboot of MW2.


The guns have never felt or sounded so impactful, they're so realistic and perform so differently, there's no generic one size fits all ar or smg, they're all incredible to use and their character has never been captured so well.


The cave map Is a bit meh, but the others are full of verticality, superb sight lines and are so well thought out. the new lean mechanic is so welcome and fits perfectly as does the door closing. The new engine is so much of an upgrade it beggars belief.


No dick head characters or unicorn stickers so far, its boots on the ground and its feels like mw2 2019 reboot.


Fucking fantastic!







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