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Fresh pies online?


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What I don't get is how do these specific farms get produce out ANYWHERE in the country the next working day? How can they make a pie in a farm on one side of the country and have it delivered fresh the next day to the other side of the country?

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On 08/06/2019 at 19:26, The Hierophant said:

I can recommend these: https://19gales.co.uk/


I ordered from here, what a mess.


No emails at all, not even a confirmation. The courier didn't leave it by the door as requested and so took it to a post office for the pies to melt and go off. So I get in touch with them and they apologized and offered a refund, I instead offered to give them another chance. They say it will be delivered Thursday, it's now Sunday and still no pie. Probably something to do with being in a rural area, guessing you're in a town/city?

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Yeah, I saw that but could not work out if the items were actually for sale.  I assumed not but then it says this on the page:


Harry Redknapp is a spokesperson paid by GoDaddy and Harry’s Roly Poly’s is not a real company. However the Roly Poly’s are real and are for sale. Other terms and conditions may apply to GoDaddy’s free trial offer. See the GoDaddy United Kingdom website for details. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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